what a double-standard against rich people! i’m not rich, but i’d say i’m well-off… and when you’re pretty well-off, generosity is more of a given than a virtue. for example, if i were to buy someone a gift (let’s say an expensive ass shirt or something), then it’s really not that appreciated because the receiver will just think deep-down that “pshh that fool’s rich anyway, he better be gettin’ me sumthin expensive…” but if i was pretty low on dough, then gettin’ a gift (let’s say a plunger from the 99 cent store), then it’s all appreciated ‘cuz i’m poor and i still threw out some pocket change — what an awesome friend. or how ’bout when people treat others to lunch or dinner. if you’re well-off and pay for others, it’s not generosity or selflessness or good virtues of friendship — it’s… given or expected. what’s up with that? so seriously, what’s the point of a person well-off giving gifts or treating others to dinner when everybody already expects it?? we’ll never be seen as truly good friends, just as homies who have parents who are rollin in dough. so i propose that the only people who should buy (not give) gifts or treat others are poor people, because it is then that your generosity will truly be realized. as for people well-off… (sigh) i guess we’ll just forever have to deal with this double standard. 


~ by roychi on February 28, 2003.

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  1. Your entry is FALSE! Be a little-bit more open-minded please….

  2. i’d have to agree with the comment above.
    well, i wouldn’t be as harsh to say that your observations are false, but they don’t cover the entire spectrum.  i think you just need to get new friends/acquaintances who will appreciate your efforts more. your blog doesn’t reflect society as a whole, just the people you know. there are many people out there who wholeheartedly appreciate anything given to them, regardless of what the gift is, and definitely regardless of the status the giver has. 
    it’s time for a reality-check…surround yourself with more appreciative individuals and perhaps your jaded perspective on things will alter.

  3. lol … isn’t this entry like your feelings from like two weeks ago? haha …

  4. hahaha ok first off, this piece was meant to be written in a satirical manner. and jin, i don’t expect you to know what a satire is, so you can say whatever. but for the rest of you guys, please read this blog in a comedic manner, and take it light-heartedly. controversy and opinions are fine, but don’t get the direction twisted. and for those that did take it in a satirical way, thanks for not being ignorant and writing crap like: “be a little-bit more open minded please…”

  5. lol. i like how you have to explain your posts. 
    for reals, i mean that.  i think its funny, aint no s-a-t-i-r-e

  6. lol. i like how you have to explain your posts. 
    for reals, i mean that.  i think its funny, aint no s-a-t-i-r-e

  7. lol. i like how you have to explain your posts. 
    for reals, i mean that.  i think its funny, aint no s-a-t-i-r-e

  8. its funny how i dont think ive bought you a present before since our bdays are a day apart. did i buy you a wallet? or was that the other way around?

  9. you are seriously ridiculous Roy! you need a wenrick-kick. haha. I actually think Roy was being open-minded by taking a different perspective. I think the friends you have constantly been treating out, buying gifts for, etc, have become accustomed to your good-nature. The fact they don’t acknowledge your generosity the same as when you FIRST did something for them doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t FEEL the same way….you know what I’m saying. You know you’re friends best. Think hard about it (as if there’s much to think about). Let’s say if I were to treat all of the homies out, everybody would be like WTFFFFFFFFF…he must’ve robbed a bank or something! haha. It’s just our human nature. Or think of X-mas season and the gifts you receive from family. If you’ve been getting a certain priced gifts for an “X” number of years, then all of a sudden your parents gave you a pack of Bic Mechanical Pencils and three Mead notebooks one year, of course you’re gonna be like, “what the hell went wrong this year?!??” Don’t fret my far-east friend. You’re true friends will value anything you do for them till the HELL freezes over. Anyhow, my two cents…
    Probably just the alcohol talking from last night 🙂 PEACE SON!

  10. satire, eh? i really didn’t get the “satirical” vibe from this blog. i don’t know if that’s due to my apparent misread or if your blog doesn’t exude anything satirical?
    at any rate, i’m glad this isn’t how you really feel!

    cheap calculating people are the best

  12. haha if only these people really knew you Roy CHI-eap

  13. hey roy~
    I have no ideaR who ur buddies are… but you have the right to your own opinion~ no matter if u were being satircal or serious. Screw all those ppl who get offended… if they get offended by this lil shiet like this… then they’ll eventually get screwed sooner or later =)
    but yea, haven’t talked to you for a while.. just wanted to say *hi* u still owe me a dorm meal! =)
    take cares..
    ❤ jaNUT

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