i need to start a revolution in my mind.

i need to change and rearrange my states of minds, my thoughts and times when i’m bombarded with life, so through trials and stumbles, i can follow the light, i need to learn a few things for the possiblities they bring, so that through pain and sorrow i can still stand up and sing, that i’ll no longer be securely fastened in fear, unable to look myself in the mirror and see an image of satisfaction and unable to have a reaction that exactly conveys that i’m living my days in happiness and trust, must i list the revolts that i plan to make so that the new me that i create will find living a lil’ more — great?

i need to see the world with blinded eyes, so through the tears and cries, that i, as helpless as i, will find time, to assist those cries, no matter the face, or his or her race, or status or gender, ‘cuz we are all members of this one race called human. that how much money you got and the crap that you thought should not be a factor in whether or not i choose to help you, or accept you, or give you a chance to give me a friend that i shouldn’t judge the impressions you send, that i shouldn’t reject but give you respect for your open mindedness and your methods of kindness and your attempt to be different. and as stupid as you are, as immature as you are, as ignorant as you are, as blind as you are, let me see that i can’t see, and so those things should never matter to me.

i need to stop with the anger, hurtin friends and strangers, to stop with hating and start concentrating on making my life more joyful, to release all dangers that could destroy my character. i need to realize that the way my opinions are conveyed portray a personality that may lead others to think i say what i don’t mean to, and act like i don’t want to, and i need to understand that life is much more than sulking in sorrow, that through all tribulations there’ll be a tommorrow, and i need to follow my morals and what i grew up with, and the knowledge in which i was blessed with. i need to realize that life is more than pride, and no matter how much i tried, deep inside i know that most of who i am has already died. so i need to resurrect my heart so i can escape, from a life of pride and greed and hate, and to not believe completely in fate, but know that i can make a change in my life… change my mental state, change the way that i create an atmosphere of trust and love in life.

i need to start a revolution in my mind.



~ by roychi on February 24, 2003.

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  1. *waves* to roy =)
    yes, we need to drink.. j/k .. i mean we need to chill! Hehe… mebe we can meet up sometime oncampus or u can treat me out for some dorm food! ^_^ kit! hope ur doing great too!!! I enjoy reading ur bloggie…
    ❤ janut

  2. i feel yeah cept for seeing the world through blind eyes. ignorance is not bliss. the truth hurts but it makes you a better person in the end.

    would have typed more but too much traffic in the wonderful world of SoUPizGooD

  3. hahah nm i feel ya completely i didnt really read it the first time through kinda skimmed it my mind is in a traffic jam right now


  4. …william shakesqueer…no…we wont go there like you haha…

  5. roy u homo .. i like your site design, but pleaseeee don’t tell me u wasted money and went xanga premium! for the love god, don’t turn into one of THOSE people!

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