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Hello world!

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Damn, what a crazy weekend. Over the 4th of July weekend, my godbrother Tony got married at the Ritz Carlton in Dana Point…

My parents:

Me & Mama Chi:

Me & Lili (it’s been years since i’ve seen this girl):

Me & my godsis Alicia:

Mama Chi gettin’ crazy on the dance floor:

Me & the groom (i’m pretty much 110% drunk at this time):

The newlyweds (Melody & Tony):

And then, on Monday night… I had a few ppl come over to my place to chill. We also celebrated John Kim’s birthday, as you can see by the following pics:

Good times. Drank beer, ate a lot of junk food, and played Cranium. All the humming and “Ooh I feel good I feel good!” and Michelle’s beautiful silent depiction of “Leave it to Beaver” and everyone’s surfboard secrets and John’s disturbingly good Madonna impression and Stanley’s blooming act…

The quote of the night:
“That was more like ‘Disrespect'”Jason (after I tried to hum “Respect” by Aretha Franklin)

The Big 2-3.

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What a great birthday. Thanks to everybody for all your messages (via phone call, text message, voicemail, myspace, facebook, and email). I really appreciate all u guys for remembering. To all the ppl who made it out to The Courtyard and that Beaner Bar, thanks for comin out and I hope u guys all had fun. Here’s a few of my fav pics from the night:

for more pics go to:

thanks again guys.

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hahaha alicia cracks me up…

ali  ali  271: guess what the freak happened
i love jap chae: what
ali  ali  271: so earlier today
ali  ali  271: i go visit sam at subway to buy a sandwich
i love jap chae: uh huh
ali  ali  271: and those kids who work there are all about sams age
ali  ali  271: 19-20ish
i love jap chae: uh huh
ali  ali  271: and one of his freakin coworkers was like, “sam is that your mom”
i love jap chae: HAHAHAHA
ali  ali  271: TO ME ROY, TO ME
i love jap chae: LOLOL
i love jap chae: HAHAHA
i love jap chae: that’s hilarious
ali  ali  271: i seriously am sad
ali  ali  271: ROY
ali  ali  271: WHAT THE FREAK
i love jap chae: hahhaha
i love jap chae: how the hell
i love jap chae: dood you look like you’re in high school
ali  ali  271: and then whats worse
ali  ali  271: (thanks roy that makes me feel better)
ali  ali  271: is that he could have EASILY saved himself
ali  ali  271: cause my reaction was BAD
ali  ali  271: i was like WHAT? practically holding onto the rail cause i thought i was going to faint
ali  ali  271: so the kid could have easily been like, ohh i didnt see your face, or no no, i totally didnt mean to say that
ali  ali  271: but instead hes like, “oh how old ARE you?”
ali  ali  271: and im like “UH 24”
ali  ali  271: and hes like, oh. thats why.
ali  ali  271: uh whatta freak
i love jap chae: hahahahhaha
i love jap chae: LOL
i love jap chae: i can’t stop laughing
ali  ali  271: so yeah dude. im never visiting sam again
ali  ali  271: today was the saddest day of my life
ali  ali  271: i look old enough to have a son who works at subway

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this was from last time jason came up to visit…

i love jap chae: damn jason is so dirty
edawerd: haha y
i love jap chae: so u kno how i made a bed for myself on the floor?
edawerd: yah
i love jap chae: so he gets into my bed on the ground
i love jap chae: and he’s like lemme jus lay here for a bit
i love jap chae: and he lays this NASTY ass fart
i love jap chae: and then he gets up
edawerd: LOL
edawerd: typical
i love jap chae: and he has this huge ass hole in his pants
i love jap chae: like in the ass area
i love jap chae: and i’m like omg
i love jap chae: and i was all checkin my sheets

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hahahah these are like some of my favorite comic strips… EVER.
(Click on them to enlarge)

visit: http://cheston.com/pbf/archive.html for more.