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Let’s play a little game of “What if they had a child?”:

What if they had a child?


… and ….


Their child would probably look like:


I hate the Suns. Go Lakers!!!!


United 93

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i really don’t understand why everybody is so against watching this film. everyone i’ve talked to about it don’t want to see it because either: (a) they feel like the movie producers are trying to capitalize off a national tragedy, or (b) it’s too soon and too close to home to be making a film that’s so sensitive.

first off, sure they might be making money off this film, but i think making this film is too important to not make it. in an ideal world, the producers will give most of the profits of this film to the families that lost loved ones on the flight, or some kind of selfless charity. but i think the big picture is far more important: the fact that such an important film about such an important topic was created. we don’t know the true intentions of the producers or the director — but the fact that this film wasn’t highly promoted and advertised, and the fact that there are no known actors in the film, make me believe that the money isn’t the top priority for the movie’s producers. also, prior to making the film, the director met with and received full support from the families of every, single passenger on Flight 93. sure, they might have paid them off, but that’s complete speculation and is irrelevant.

after watching the film last night, i can honestly say that it was very well made. i liked how the movie had no heros or villians, had no hero-cycle storylines, and had no hollywood endings. the director tried to make it as accurate as possible (from what limited resources he had), and tried to make it as neutral as possible. the terrorists were not made out to be villians — the movie was a 3rd party bystander, watching it as it would have been if we had watched in real life. the best scene of the film is the part where the people in a control tower watch as the second plane flies through the air to hit the 2nd tower of the WTC. there was a silence for about 5 minutes that pretty much captures (as real as it pretty much gets in a film) the horror of that day. i don’t wanna make this sound like a movie review, but if you haven’t seen it or are against watching it — i’m just urging you to go watch it ‘cuz i really feel that this movie is so important and so necessary.

that’s it. haha.

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what a crazy week. thanks for visiting guys
first, john lin & erin came up to visit during the week…

me, eddie, john, & erin at Ghiradelli Square:

and then, stanley, michelle, & jess came up for the weekend…

us in Napa:

a few of the many quotes that i’ll probably never forget from this weekend
-“Ohhhh… the Franc!”
-“Damn Michelle, you’re like a reservoir”
-“Kraft Singles and String Cheese!”
-“It’s like the Juggernaut!”
-“Don’t give a dollar to the strange girl”
-“I’m sweaty like a man”
-“Jizzica Juice”
-“Ey Baybeh Gurl… Wat Yo Digit?”
hahah good times. now back to work.

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haha damn i miss my upland buddies:

MaDnEs25: ask nitin about the compliments he’s been giving me
MaDnEs25: lol
i love jap chae: hahaah
i love jap chae: like what
MaDnEs25: basically
MaDnEs25: while we were working out
MaDnEs25: he told me i have a huge wang
i love jap chae: LOL
i love jap chae: WTF
MaDnEs25: and me and jimmy were like “uhhhhhhhhhh”
i love jap chae: ahahahahaha
i love jap chae: i can’t stop laughing
MaDnEs25: then nitin said with no fabrication whatsoever, “well its just that i’m not as big as jason”
i love jap chae: hahahah
MaDnEs25: and all of a sudden i couldn’t walk back into my house cuz my head was so big
MaDnEs25: haha
i love jap chae: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
i love jap chae: which head??
i love jap chae: hahahhaha
MaDnEs25: exactly roy
MaDnEs25: exactly
MaDnEs25: lol
MaDnEs25: dude
MaDnEs25: then the next day
MaDnEs25: dang i forgot what he said
MaDnEs25: but he basically said i had a big penis again
MaDnEs25: lol
i love jap chae: LOLOL
MaDnEs25: oh yeah
MaDnEs25: lolololol
MaDnEs25: i was telling him about that george foreman grill that you gave me
MaDnEs25: and i was saying i don’t use it anymore
MaDnEs25: and nitin’s like “but don’t you have a lot of meat?”
MaDnEs25: and i was like “yes nitin. I do”
i love jap chae: hahahahah LOL
i love jap chae: you guys crack me up

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Picture of the Year:

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hahahah me & alicia reminiscing on the good ol’ days of elementary school:

ali  ali  271: now im like self conscious that i act too guyish sometimes. but ah well. whatevs. foo.
ali  ali  271: i had an ultimate warrior poster in my bedroom.
i love jap chae: lol
i love jap chae: hahah
i love jap chae: that’s hilarious
ali  ali  271: everyone thinks its hilarious that we used to go to royal rumbles and things like that
i love jap chae: i think you were like the only 10 year old girl into wrestling
ali  ali  271: i was like yah. we had a championship belt too
ali  ali  271: my brother was world champion and i was intercontinental. tho i think you stole the belt from one time
ali  ali  271: only but i got it back.
i love jap chae: HELL no
ali  ali  271: uh
ali  ali  271: yeah
i love jap chae: i was intercontinental champion
ali  ali  271: i was SO intercontinental
ali  ali  271: omg
ali  ali  271: are you kiddingme
i love jap chae: you’re dumb
i love jap chae: stop repressing your memories of losing
ali  ali  271: OMG
i love jap chae: hahaha
ali  ali  271: i was freakin intercontinental
i love jap chae: ask tony
i love jap chae: he’ll tell you that i was intercontinental
i love jap chae: and me & tony were tag team champions
i love jap chae: hahaha
ali  ali  271: WHAT??
ali  ali  271: okay fine
ali  ali  271: i think you guiys were
ali  ali  271: only cause i was stuck with the exterminator!
ali  ali  271: dammit
i love jap chae: LOL
i love jap chae: ybb buster ain’t got nothing on classy roy chi
ali  ali  271: classy roy chi
ali  ali  271: hahaha
ali  ali  271: what was your finishing move
ali  ali  271: the sharp shooter?
ali  ali  271: or was that tonys.
i love jap chae: no tony’s was like the pretz thing
i love jap chae: where he’d put a sleeper hold
ali  ali  271: OH yeah
i love jap chae: and then stick pretzels in ur mouth
ali  ali  271: hahahhaha
ali  ali  271: LOL LOL
i love jap chae: hahahahahh
i love jap chae: it was so funny
ali  ali  271: i cant believe we let him do that
ali  ali  271: HAHAHAHAHA
i love jap chae: how sam would jus close his eyes
i love jap chae: hahahahah
i love jap chae: LOL
ali  ali  271: hahahahhahahaha with pretzles coming out of his mouth
ali  ali  271: dude.
ali  ali  271: we were crazy.
i love jap chae: hahahh
ali  ali  271: didnt you go from playboy roy chi to classy roy chi
i love jap chae: man… good times good times
i love jap chae: yeah
ali  ali  271: cause you didnt want to be playboy anymore
ali  ali  271: hahhahahaha
ali  ali  271: i like playboy roy chi better
ali  ali  271: HAHAHA lol
ali  ali  271: im dying right now
i love jap chae: LOL and remember when we had to go in front of the mirror and pretty much yell at ourselves?
ali  ali  271: haha yeah and do commercials
ali  ali  271: and we always made sammy be the one that got beat up
ali  ali  271: he was always the amateur
i love jap chae: hahaha yeah
ali  ali  271: and remember when he would do his commercial, we would sometimes “invade” each others
i love jap chae: hahahhh
ali  ali  271: or i mean when we did our commercials
ali  ali  271: and be like “WHO YOU TALKIN ABOUT??”
ali  ali  271: HAHAHA
i love jap chae: lol
i love jap chae: man we’re so old now
i love jap chae: hahahahah
ali  ali  271: sigh yeah

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hahahah i got this from alicia’s xanga…. even this damn face analyzer
thing thinks that i’m 100% korean/japanese. maybe i really am korean…

   *Bad pictures will yield inaccurate results.
Race Analysis RaceAnalysis
100% Korean/Japanese

0% East Indian
0% Middle Eastern
0% Eastern European
0% Southern European
0% Anglo Saxon
0% South East Asian
0% Chinese


Personality Profile Rank Celebmatch

Bruce Lee
Intelligence  6.7 Very Intelligent 8514
Risk  5.0 Low Risk 13430
Ambition  5.8 Average Ambition 31732
Gay Factor  1.6 Very Low Gay Factor 13479
Honor  5.8 Average Honor 7886
Politeness  4.2 Low Politeness 46212
Income  6.1 $30,000 – $50,000 30902
Sociability  5.7 Average Sociability 18915
Promiscuity  2.6 Very Unpromiscuous 43515

hahah if you guys wanna try it out too: http://www.faceanalyzer.com