Damn, what a crazy weekend. Over the 4th of July weekend, my godbrother Tony got married at the Ritz Carlton in Dana Point…

My parents:

Me & Mama Chi:

Me & Lili (it’s been years since i’ve seen this girl):

Me & my godsis Alicia:

Mama Chi gettin’ crazy on the dance floor:

Me & the groom (i’m pretty much 110% drunk at this time):

The newlyweds (Melody & Tony):

And then, on Monday night… I had a few ppl come over to my place to chill. We also celebrated John Kim’s birthday, as you can see by the following pics:

Good times. Drank beer, ate a lot of junk food, and played Cranium. All the humming and “Ooh I feel good I feel good!” and Michelle’s beautiful silent depiction of “Leave it to Beaver” and everyone’s surfboard secrets and John’s disturbingly good Madonna impression and Stanley’s blooming act…

The quote of the night:
“That was more like ‘Disrespect'”Jason (after I tried to hum “Respect” by Aretha Franklin)


~ by roychi on July 6, 2006.

9 Responses to “”

  1. good times man, good times… and u guys suck for real! bastards!!!

  2. omg, now i finally understand why your mom was called Mama Chi…

  3. haha…that sounds like such a jason quote. i can’t believe grace is back in town! and your mom’s so pretty!

  4. duuuuuuude, fuuuun ish even tho i was toooootally gettin my freak on as i went buckwild. hahahahah. DISRESPECTS more like it. dude, aretha franklin & james brown are like godparents of soul. tsk tsk tsk……juss call me the virgin mary since i secretly wanna do it with u kno who 😛

  5. your mama is so in style with the empire-waisted dress…. haha.

  6. your mom is so pretty and young looking. Too bad you don’t have sisters. Keke jk. Miss u ROY!

  7. dang u look like yo momma….haha, i know that pic came out wrong, looks like i have big flabby arm…HAHA

  8. Haha, do I have to say your parents are gorgeous when it is so apparent? Why not? You have gorgeous parents! Roy, Roy, Roy.. it is so nice to see your sweet face.. looking all dashing and prominent even without a Cuban between your two fingers and a smirk on your face. San Francisco must be treating you well or maybe it was just the aura of the splendid wedding at the Ritz. haha. Anyway, save some vacation days, old friend. Asia is waiting to be graced by your prescence once more. =)

  9. and oh my goodness! I just noticed Stan the Man in the group picture. Tell the lad I said, “Hello”! haha. Ah, it’s so nice to see the both of yous.

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