The Big 2-3.

What a great birthday. Thanks to everybody for all your messages (via phone call, text message, voicemail, myspace, facebook, and email). I really appreciate all u guys for remembering. To all the ppl who made it out to The Courtyard and that Beaner Bar, thanks for comin out and I hope u guys all had fun. Here’s a few of my fav pics from the night:

for more pics go to:

thanks again guys.


~ by roychi on June 26, 2006.

15 Responses to “The Big 2-3.”

  1. happy birthday drunkie!hope you had a blast.”you have my phone gina?! o thank you! thank you gina! thank you so much!”

  2. Happy Birthday homie!!! The party was the bomb but everyone was waaay too gone! hahaha Hope you had a lot of fun man! PEACE!!!

  3. Loving the cake! It’s my 23 in a few weeks, I hope I get a cake like that!

  4. Happy Bday once again…It was so good seeing you!!! Take carez dude…I’ll visit you again k?

  5. happppy bday roy 😀

  6. whatta cute cake! =)
    hi roy, long time no see/talk.  i’m moving back up to norcal in a couple weeks…trying to get a job at google, wish me luck! =P  maybe we can meet up!

  7. Roy, i miss you on your birthday, boo sorry
    but, happy belated, congrats on the new 23! okay? =D
    can i meet you sometime again?!  haha
    but u look good, u are probably turning more and more handsome as you age

  8. you know I never wished you a happy birthday, but I did write it in on my desk calendar.. it says “Roy Chi’s birthday”. Well, it didn’t matter wether I wished it or not, it looks like you had a fantastic birthday celebration WITHOUT me.

  9. dude. NEVER EVER to 151. EVER! so u kno how we were dissing the “beanery” during dinner and stuff. so i find out at work today that “barney’s beanery” is like a hollywood landmark. us frickin AzNs need to learn that there is more outside of k-town. but as always, ur bday was pretty damn fun. cheers! wth is wrong with me, as if i wasnt sick enuff.

  10. hey roy! Happy birthday once again! Glad to see that you had a good time!!! =)

  11. ROY!!!!!! It’s been so long since i’ve seen you. HOpe you had an awesome birthday. We shall hang out sometime and not become bigger strangers than we already are.

  12. sorry i missed out.. looks like u had fun though!!!! i miss u! and i totally second jung’s motion.

  13. puhahaha I hate that picture of michelle and i. Sick!! whatever !!!!- happy birthday. -From the Historian class of 2001/2005

  14. sup roy.  vince told me bout ur bday thing.  sorry i couldnt make it out man.  just wanted to say happy belated bday man.  take it easy.

  15. Hey Roy, cool cake~! Happy (uh…1 months and 11/12 day late) birthday 😉 I didn’t know Stan went to nor Cal…Nice seeing yar photoZ online ^__^

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