hahaha alicia cracks me up…

ali  ali  271: guess what the freak happened
i love jap chae: what
ali  ali  271: so earlier today
ali  ali  271: i go visit sam at subway to buy a sandwich
i love jap chae: uh huh
ali  ali  271: and those kids who work there are all about sams age
ali  ali  271: 19-20ish
i love jap chae: uh huh
ali  ali  271: and one of his freakin coworkers was like, “sam is that your mom”
i love jap chae: HAHAHAHA
ali  ali  271: TO ME ROY, TO ME
i love jap chae: LOLOL
i love jap chae: HAHAHA
i love jap chae: that’s hilarious
ali  ali  271: i seriously am sad
ali  ali  271: ROY
ali  ali  271: WHAT THE FREAK
i love jap chae: hahhaha
i love jap chae: how the hell
i love jap chae: dood you look like you’re in high school
ali  ali  271: and then whats worse
ali  ali  271: (thanks roy that makes me feel better)
ali  ali  271: is that he could have EASILY saved himself
ali  ali  271: cause my reaction was BAD
ali  ali  271: i was like WHAT? practically holding onto the rail cause i thought i was going to faint
ali  ali  271: so the kid could have easily been like, ohh i didnt see your face, or no no, i totally didnt mean to say that
ali  ali  271: but instead hes like, “oh how old ARE you?”
ali  ali  271: and im like “UH 24”
ali  ali  271: and hes like, oh. thats why.
ali  ali  271: uh whatta freak
i love jap chae: hahahahhaha
i love jap chae: LOL
i love jap chae: i can’t stop laughing
ali  ali  271: so yeah dude. im never visiting sam again
ali  ali  271: today was the saddest day of my life
ali  ali  271: i look old enough to have a son who works at subway


~ by roychi on June 9, 2006.

3 Responses to “”

  1. hahaha, so i heard 😉

  2. Because a 24 year old could soooooo be a 20 years olds parent!

  3. hahaha, thats so funny. (But sad also.. I sympathize) We all reach a time when all Korean children call young women “Ah Jum Ma” …. so be it. =*****

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