United 93

i really don’t understand why everybody is so against watching this film. everyone i’ve talked to about it don’t want to see it because either: (a) they feel like the movie producers are trying to capitalize off a national tragedy, or (b) it’s too soon and too close to home to be making a film that’s so sensitive.

first off, sure they might be making money off this film, but i think making this film is too important to not make it. in an ideal world, the producers will give most of the profits of this film to the families that lost loved ones on the flight, or some kind of selfless charity. but i think the big picture is far more important: the fact that such an important film about such an important topic was created. we don’t know the true intentions of the producers or the director — but the fact that this film wasn’t highly promoted and advertised, and the fact that there are no known actors in the film, make me believe that the money isn’t the top priority for the movie’s producers. also, prior to making the film, the director met with and received full support from the families of every, single passenger on Flight 93. sure, they might have paid them off, but that’s complete speculation and is irrelevant.

after watching the film last night, i can honestly say that it was very well made. i liked how the movie had no heros or villians, had no hero-cycle storylines, and had no hollywood endings. the director tried to make it as accurate as possible (from what limited resources he had), and tried to make it as neutral as possible. the terrorists were not made out to be villians — the movie was a 3rd party bystander, watching it as it would have been if we had watched in real life. the best scene of the film is the part where the people in a control tower watch as the second plane flies through the air to hit the 2nd tower of the WTC. there was a silence for about 5 minutes that pretty much captures (as real as it pretty much gets in a film) the horror of that day. i don’t wanna make this sound like a movie review, but if you haven’t seen it or are against watching it — i’m just urging you to go watch it ‘cuz i really feel that this movie is so important and so necessary.

that’s it. haha.


~ by roychi on April 29, 2006.

4 Responses to “United 93”

  1. i hate roy chi… JUS KIDDING! Yeah i really wanna watch it now! Thanks for the thoughtful post buddy


  3. ROY!!! bo-go-ship-uh!!!you MUST come and visit…i will show you THe GOOD TIME!!!you’d love DC…its like a bigger and more organized version of SF.i miss ya like i miss those baked potatoes from uhs cafeteria…

  4. i saw the movie. I didn’t cry, but my heart went out to those people and families and stuff.

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