what a crazy week. thanks for visiting guys
first, john lin & erin came up to visit during the week…

me, eddie, john, & erin at Ghiradelli Square:

and then, stanley, michelle, & jess came up for the weekend…

us in Napa:

a few of the many quotes that i’ll probably never forget from this weekend
-“Ohhhh… the Franc!”
-“Damn Michelle, you’re like a reservoir”
-“Kraft Singles and String Cheese!”
-“It’s like the Juggernaut!”
-“Don’t give a dollar to the strange girl”
-“I’m sweaty like a man”
-“Jizzica Juice”
-“Ey Baybeh Gurl… Wat Yo Digit?”
hahah good times. now back to work.


~ by roychi on April 10, 2006.

4 Responses to “”

  1. napa valleyyyyyy… i really wanna visit there… hopefully?
    you moved up north?

  2. damn roy. i really really love you guys. this weekend was off the frickin hook. in the future, u better be tell your kid, tamogu-chi, how crazy ur youthful days were thanks to awesome friends like us! teehee!!!! in the mean time u can pretend to be a pro wine taster since ur specialty ooooh, the franc. good times fsho!!geisha 2006 in narnia coming soon!

  3. i miss having inside jokes with you roytard.

  4. can’t believe you forgot about “the gay-sha in the land of narnia” c’mon roy!!!!!
    I also like that you and sta take instructions so well… put your heads together.. uhhhhh… place your hand atop of his???? i guess things change in the gay area. love you! from your friend- Juice

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