haha damn i miss my upland buddies:

MaDnEs25: ask nitin about the compliments he’s been giving me
MaDnEs25: lol
i love jap chae: hahaah
i love jap chae: like what
MaDnEs25: basically
MaDnEs25: while we were working out
MaDnEs25: he told me i have a huge wang
i love jap chae: LOL
i love jap chae: WTF
MaDnEs25: and me and jimmy were like “uhhhhhhhhhh”
i love jap chae: ahahahahaha
i love jap chae: i can’t stop laughing
MaDnEs25: then nitin said with no fabrication whatsoever, “well its just that i’m not as big as jason”
i love jap chae: hahahah
MaDnEs25: and all of a sudden i couldn’t walk back into my house cuz my head was so big
MaDnEs25: haha
i love jap chae: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
i love jap chae: which head??
i love jap chae: hahahhaha
MaDnEs25: exactly roy
MaDnEs25: exactly
MaDnEs25: lol
MaDnEs25: dude
MaDnEs25: then the next day
MaDnEs25: dang i forgot what he said
MaDnEs25: but he basically said i had a big penis again
MaDnEs25: lol
i love jap chae: LOLOL
MaDnEs25: oh yeah
MaDnEs25: lolololol
MaDnEs25: i was telling him about that george foreman grill that you gave me
MaDnEs25: and i was saying i don’t use it anymore
MaDnEs25: and nitin’s like “but don’t you have a lot of meat?”
MaDnEs25: and i was like “yes nitin. I do”
i love jap chae: hahahahah LOL
i love jap chae: you guys crack me up


~ by roychi on April 3, 2006.

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  1. 0 eprops for these malicious lies. next time find a reputable source. not someone who had his licensed jack by the state of california for being 24/7 POB.


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