hahahah i got this from alicia’s xanga…. even this damn face analyzer
thing thinks that i’m 100% korean/japanese. maybe i really am korean…

   *Bad pictures will yield inaccurate results.
Race Analysis RaceAnalysis
100% Korean/Japanese

0% East Indian
0% Middle Eastern
0% Eastern European
0% Southern European
0% Anglo Saxon
0% South East Asian
0% Chinese


Personality Profile Rank Celebmatch

Bruce Lee
Intelligence  6.7 Very Intelligent 8514
Risk  5.0 Low Risk 13430
Ambition  5.8 Average Ambition 31732
Gay Factor  1.6 Very Low Gay Factor 13479
Honor  5.8 Average Honor 7886
Politeness  4.2 Low Politeness 46212
Income  6.1 $30,000 – $50,000 30902
Sociability  5.7 Average Sociability 18915
Promiscuity  2.6 Very Unpromiscuous 43515

hahah if you guys wanna try it out too: http://www.faceanalyzer.com


~ by roychi on March 13, 2006.

5 Responses to “”

  1. HAHAHAHAHA. i wonder how they do it, the rankings better be arbitrary bc i dont think im of avg intelligence. hmph.

  2. haha bruce lee.  hi roy 🙂

  3. mannnn you’re SO lucky…. it thinks you’re KOREAN!! damn… aren’t you glad you look like you’re a part of the greatest race in the world???

  4. wow. i KNEW it u wannabe korean jk jk. so a while back u had ur survey answers up on ur xanga. i got stumped on one thing. i was like asking stanley if he knew why u secretly wanted to be korean……i thought maybe cuz of some girl or watever. then stanley told me to look at the answer below which said japchae. yeah i felt stupid.

  5. Haha, roy. 
    Hope you are enjoying yourself.

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