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8 movies I can watch over and over
1. Pulp Fiction
2. Zoolander
3. Chicago
4. Kill Bill
5. Count of Monte Cristo
6. X-Men or X2
7. Pretty much ANY Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks cartoon
8. and yes, My Sassy Girl

8  TV shows I love to watch
2. 24
3. Curb Your Enthusiasm
4. Friends
5. Family Guy
Arrested Development

7. Desperate Housewives
8. Jeopardy!

8 Music CDs I can’t live without

1.  2Pac – “Greatest Hits”
2. Jay Z – “Reasonable Doubt”
3. Kanye West – “College Dropout” & “Late Registration” (TIE)
Eminem – “Marshall Mathers LP” & “Eminem Show” (TIE)
5. Coldplay – “Rush Of Blood to the Head”
6. Immortal Technique – “Revolutionary, Vol. 2”
7. Michael Jackson – HIStory
8. Garden State Soundtrack

8 places I have lived

1. Simi Valley, CA
2. Upland, CA
3. Rancho Cucamonga, CA
4. UCLA Dorms (De Neve, baby)
5. 1818 Camden (the best apt in LA)
6. Shanghai for 4 months
7. Taiwan for a couple months
8. Santa Clara, CA (we’ll see how this norcal thing goes)

8 places I have vacationed
1. China (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Xi’An, Sichuan, Hong Kong)
2. Taiwan
3. Thailand (BEST place on earth)
4. Hawaii
5. Canada
6. New York
Mexico (Rosarito, TJ)

8. Washington, D.C.

8 places I would rather be right now
1. Shang-freakin-hai… i can’t wait to live there again
2. Taiwan eating smelly tofu at the night markets
3. Koh Phi Phi in Thailand… pretty much the epitome of paradise
4. Upland with the homies
5. Blink (or Chingu) with my chingus
6. New York
7. My old apt room in Camden (well, given that i still lived there)
8. Vacationing in: Korea, Japan, Europe, Florida, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, or the Bahamas.

8 of my favorite dishes
1. Macaroni and Cheese
2. Anything from Green Street (zucchini bread… mmm)
3. Sweet Potato Fries from Damon & Pythias
4. Braised Ox-Tail at Google
5. Cornbread from Souplantation
6. Tom Kha Khai (Chicken Coconut Soup) from any Thai restaurant
Soft-Shell Crab, Alaskan King Crab, Crabcakes, Snow Crab, Shanghai
Hairy Crab, even imitation crab… i love ALL forms of crab
8. ALL FOOD… my motto is: “if it’s edible, then it’s incredible”

8 Web sites I visit daily
1. news.google.com
2. http://www.youtube.com
3. http://www.passwird.com
4. http://www.gmail.com
5. http://www.ebaumsworld.com
6. http://www.metroactive.com
7. http://www.rottentomatoes.com
8. http://www.mininova.com

8 bloggers I am tagging
1. hmmm i dunno… nobody blogs anymore

2. Geeena

3. Jenchonbomb

4. RoxYu12ie

5. cindyko

6. alibobali121

7. Sessy_Girl

8. tereesarOo



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