i wrote this a few days ago for one of eddie’s friends who had a few
setbacks in the past year and who is now pursuing a life that she never
intended. but i know that this can apply to a lot of ppl going through
career troubles right now as well…

listen dear, i hear that it’s been a tough year /
fearing not getting that dream career /
and tears appear drowning all your hope /
meandering in confusion attempting to cope /
like roadblocks barricading the paths you planned /
driving you to be stranded on alien land /
abandoning security to grasp opportunity /
nobody has immunity to fear so don’t fear uncertainty /
don’t focus on the windows that were shut before /
know that something amazing lies beyond this door /
and take hold of this chance to dream some more /
with newly-acquired desire igniting its core /
find peace by releasing discontents of the past /
don’t let regret be set in the shadows you cast /
utilize what you’ve gained to revolutionize your future /
look behind and learn lessons with experience as your teacher /
build milestones of pride and smile at the end of each chapter /
fill your heart with memories that fill your voice with laughter /
keep your eyes to the skies even if they might blind you /
knowing damn well that you got your friends right behind you /
so as long as there’s a tomorrow, no day should have sorrow /
lead your life with dignity as if millions will follow /
and light up the world with the candle that you burn /
for everything that happens is an experience that you learn /
take each day as a gift and tend the wisdom you impart /
because success can only be attained by giving it some Heart.


~ by roychi on December 18, 2005.

6 Responses to “”

  1. good stuff man

  2. bravo … this is seriously your best rhyme to date

  3. que pedo, guey~ Orales! *FUI FUI*  

  4. wo shuo whats up dude! keke and I made a Mexican whistle noise… FUI FUI!! hehe.. speaking of which.. that is where I am right now.. zai Moxige! xin nian kuai le! wo ye xiang ni!!

  5. Hey Roy! Aww…I miss you too. How’s life in Nor Cal? When ru coming back down to play? I might be up in SF next month for business…we’ll see …take carez beb

  6. its feb 20 and im reading this for the first time. dang im touched. good stuff roy.

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