haha so i guess this tagging thing is the latest xanga thing going on.

write twenty random facts about yourself. when you are finished, tag as
many people as many minutes it took you to write your facts.

1. It’s pretty disturbing how good my
handwriting is. Sometimes I try purposely to write messier just so it
doesn’t scare people.

2. I used to be unbelievably obese. I
was so obese, that when I sat in school desks, I only had a third of
the desktop to write, because my stomach took up the other two-thirds.
And when I got up, the desk came up with me. And now that I’m thinner, I still have the mentality that I’m obese.

3. My dream job is to be a
world-renowned hip hop artist, who critiques movies and writes magazine
articles and screenplays, while opening his own famous restaurant that
everybody goes to celebrate their birthdays.

4. I like talking about myself. No, no. I love talking about myself.

5. I get addicted to things so easily,
but I lose interest just as fast. I hardly ever finish something I’ve
started, whether it be video games, korean dramas, books, anime, or the
Star Wars trilogy. Which brings me to my next point…

6. I have never finished Star Wars or
Return of the Jedi. I’ve attempted numerous times, but I always either
fell asleep or had to do something else. Oh yeah, I’ve also never
watched any of the Back to the Futures. I’ve also tried to watch the
first one many times, but I always fall asleep within the first 30
minutes. Stanley can attest to that.

7. I’m obsessed with music. I can’t
live without music. But sadly, I’m the worst singer in the history of
the world; I don’t know how to whistle or keep a beat; and I can’t play
an instrument if my life depended on it. It’s actually pretty tragic.

8. I enjoy being made fun of. I think
I’m so used to it from [ahem] the Upland guys, McChelle and ringleader
JessJue… to the point that I find it strange when I don’t get made
fun of.

9. The thing I value most in life is friendship. I dunno if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

10. I want to die in a way where someone else’s life is saved by my death.

11. I’m extremely easily amused. A joke like: “What kind of bees make milk?” … “Boobies!” can make me laugh to myself all day.

12. It’s impossible for
me to grow facial hair. The good thing about it is that I never have to
shave; the bad thing is that I still get carded for rated R films.

13. To this day, I’m still a lil’
T.O.ed at my parents for never putting me on a soccer team or a Little
League or Boy Scouts. In a way, I think th
at’s why I’m so unathletic
now and I never feel like doing activities that require too much
movement or running.

14. I like to think of myself as an
independent, individualistic, opinionated free-thinker. Sadly, the
truth is that I’m perhaps one of the most gullible and impressionable
people I know.

15. I never feel like eating In-N-Out. But when I do, I’m like: this is the greatest burger in the world.

16. In the past year, I have been so
unbelievably blessed in so many ways possible. I have spent 4 months
abroad in China and Thailand with one of my best friends, been on
my first missions trip ever (again with my best friend) and seen God
work in the most amazing ways, watched numerous hip hop concerts,
graduated from UCLA, started working at one of the best companies
in the world (they pay me to say that), and started a new life in Northern California — meeting
new people while still being jus as close with my hometown homies.
Seriously, God rules.

17. Sometimes I just don’t understand how some people still don’t believe in God. Seriously.

18. No matter what, at the end of the day… I will always be attracted to korean girls. I dunno why. Maybe it’s because…

19. A part of me will always want to be Korean. I dunno why. Maybe it’s because…

20. I love jap chae. A lot.

i don’t want to tag anybody because i feel like everybody’s already
either been tagged or wouldn’t do this even if they were.

but i’ll
jus choose: McChelle, JessiJue, Eddie, Alicia, Erin, John Kim, D’Wang, Sharon
Hong, CeCi, and Alice Jung
(yeah don’t worry, i didn’t forget you!).


~ by roychi on November 6, 2005.

5 Responses to “”

  1. aw roy. i read that while sitting in my bed at 5 am after a night out with friends. i can attest to 20/20 of the facts listed because roy and i grew upt ogether like brother and sister.  as much as people think they know this boy, nobody will know him the way tony and i know him.  sorry folks.  until youve seen this boy at 7 years old wearing his TMNT shirt, hair gelled like hitler, throwing a baseball to ghostman on third in the backyard of 8440 wilson court, ya just dont know roy. 🙂

  2. I love Song Hae Gyo too, it’s her on my profile pic. She is au naturale unlike every single other Krn celebrity.  So…………….you should start writing more of your spoken-word-y stuff that totally rock. Update more so i know wuts goin on with you aiit royboy.
    Take care

  3. You’re so funny. I Miss You. I Miss all you Boys.

  4. LOL!! i love how you ended with that last one. miss you!! i think this last interview i went to might be it, so hopefully i get the job and get some income so i could fly my ass up there soon and visit you and stuff my face with lobsters and filet mignons from google xD <3333

  5. Roy, you were one of my very first friends at UCLA (no joke). And it’s a great honor to be tagged by you! Hehe….
    Hope all is good with you up north…..If Fred ever goes to your neck of the woods during the holidays, and you happen to be back, I’ll make sure I go to visit you. Until then, take care bro!

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