hahah so i know i haven’t updated in like a billion years, but i’ve jus
been out of the xanga mode. i’m a crazy work-a-holic now — all i do is
work, come home, watch an episode of either Lost or Nip/Tuck, and then
pass out. it’s pretty sad. so thats why u people need to come up and

anyways — so on Halloween, Google threw this massive party at work and
everybody was forced to dress up. so the night before, i spend all
night making my costume out of poster board and crap (i went as Google
name badge). but yeah, so at the party, i was forced by my coworkers to
go enter the Google costume contest, and so i did. I ended up winning
2nd place in the Individual category! i had to go up on stage in front
of all the Google employees and stuff. it was crazy. here’s a pic of
the costume:

but anyways — it was cool ‘cuz at least i got my name out. oh yeah,
1st place was a guy that dressed up as the Heisman trophy. hahahh my entries
are so damn boring now. but whatevers, i promise i’ll make it up next
time. peace.


~ by roychi on November 3, 2005.

7 Responses to “”

  1. Hahahaha, you are so cool/ creative.  Congrats on that 2nd place.  Miss you Roy.  Can’t believe you are all grown up now and a working man.  Our little Orientation Baby that used to help us out with our dumb little questions about enrolling in our first classes.  Hahaha.  Btw, thanks for everything during the college years.  You are one sweet guy and a true gentleman. 

  2. roy….u went to a GOOGLE party dressed up as a GOOGLE name tag.  -_- roy ❤ GOOGLE. 

  3. dude can i borrow that for next year?

  4. hi roy! my friend works there too, and she won 2nd place for group i think. she was kelly kapowski with the saved by the bell gang! =)

  5. hahaha man you’re sucha google loser! ok im kidding, ive got nothing but love for ya! HAHAHA thats sooo hilarious!

  6. omg……wow that is like ultimate danny tanner status rite therrrrrrre. but WOO HOO for us. the nite before halloween i put together some random shit and i WON for the costume contest too. dayam i guess us danny tanners think alike. but i gotta give u props for ur oober creativeness. dorky but creative. shiet why didnt u write about ur experience at knotts GAY farm ex. security guard *hint hint* that nite was fun but now im sick. go do ur thang boy, get ur name out there in the google world *hug*juss curious, how the hell did u wear that all day. did u really have to sit at ur seat with that big thing on all day?!?!?

  7. hahaha, Roy, dude. Your an official geek. Welcome to the Brothers and Sisters of Dorkhood (aka. Awesomeness). Btw, you look spankin’ Adorable in that boxy outfit. It’s no wonder your fellow geeks chose you as the one -or rather “the two”. (You just can’t beat a Heisman trophy.) Your mother must be proud. *pat pat pat

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