American Flags Underwater
Roy Chi

American flags underwater as they play “Hell to the Chief,”
American citizens deceived as they scrounge up relief,
That Bush did all that he can, I find it hard to believe,
Sitting more on his ass than Christopher Reeves,
The first duty of a president is to care about your nation,
But during the hurricane, our presidiot was on vacation,
Katrina blew up like she received mail from Kaczynski,
And the winds blew harder than Monica Lewinsky,
Yet Bush still chilled with a tequila in his hand,
Knowing damn well the hell occurring in his land,
As the people rushed for survival leaving their life behind,
Bush took two more days on his trip before he started to mind,
But by then the Big Easy could no longer hear laughter,
And he still didn’t appear until four days after,
It makes you wonder how the media got there so fast,
While food and rescue didn’t arrive until many days passed,
With what happened after 9-11 it’s hard to understand this,
Slow reactions while New Orleans is basically now Atlantis,
And the death toll is rising exponentially,
As homeless heroes hope that help’ll come eventually,
So hopefully we’ll unite as one family and overcome this catastrophe,
Although our government’s apathy is what exacerbated this tragedy.

Please help by donating to: The American Red Cross


~ by roychi on September 9, 2005.

10 Responses to “”

  1. fuck bush and politics. couldnt have been said ne and kanye west gets 2 thumbs up from me.

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  3. hi roy =D  wait, did you write that?  that was tight.
    taking care of yourself?

  4. i wrote the last line! roy jacked it from me! roy chi-ter!

  5. Roy, I put your post up on my site too.  =X  If your work ever finds its way back to the Westside from the East coast, don’t look at me.  I’m just letting your voice be heard in the East.  =P

  6. that was tight roy~ how’s work?? i’m gonna try to visit you sometime =)  miss you

  7. hahaha “roy chi-ter”
    are you already in the bay area? i’m assuming you are from jane’s comment above. darn. =(  well i’ll visit asap!

  8. hahah roy u are hilarious.  hey man, when did u move up north?  and where u workin at>?  i like how i never know ne thing about u  and ur new life.

  9. have fun at home roy! You may think i live a sad life, but sesame street and mr rogers neighborhood are awesome shows!

  10. hi roy πŸ™‚  hope u’re doin good.  yah jane asked me if i wanted to go up w/her if/when she goes to visit u.  sooo i shall see u then  πŸ™‚
    LOL!!!!!! i saw ur modeling pics (from stan).  it’s fuckin hot roy.  good lord can i have ur autograph????

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