so i’ve been back for a few days now, and each passing day just reminds
me of how freakin OLD we are. i have to leave for the bay area soon and
start work, and i feel like i’m leaving behind so much. i guess i just
have to accept the fact that we’re no longer kids, teens, adolescents,
or even college students… we’re ADULTS.
damn, i shudder everytime i say it. is anyone else feeling my sadness
that we can no longer be immature and run around the city at 3 am and
party and toilet paper houses and speed race on freeways and watch
movies and play video games on end for hours ‘cuz we’re so bored and just sit around our
houses and think: “man, what is there to do??” it’s a sad thought, but i guess that’s life.

Taiwan was awesome. probably one of the best experiences of my life. it
isn’t until i actually leave the country that i realize just how much
in life i haven’t done yet. and i know it’s awesome to see God work and
perform miracles here in our hometowns, but it’s a TOTALLY different experience to see God work overseas and in people who are of unfamiliar tongue, tribe, and culture. i have many stories, so ask me and i’ll be happy to tell ’em.


~ by roychi on September 2, 2005.

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  1. sup fellow bruins, this is peter ko, and im running for Mr. Xanga 2005. pretty lame huh? i thought so too, until i was nominated and i started to get a power trip. anyways, i didn’t really care much for it in the beginning, but now i really wanna win, so i can beat WehoRoy because he’s a major fucktard and he thinks he’s gonna win. oh, and he really hates ucla because his dad went to USC, that loser. anyways, please help me win so we can have a BRUIN as Mr. Xanga! to vote for me, just type my xanga name into the comments page of

  2. dang….TPing houses. I miss that. ah adolescence.

  3. i miss you mana-chi. and WORD on ur ENTIRE entry. welcome to grandma/grandpa land for us old farts. lets go to vegas again and drown our sorrows with the lion games and stanley’s cherries. ❤ ya! *hug*

  4. Hi ya Roy,   hope u r learning the ‘trade’ well ; )     missed u and stan
    much-older-fart-than-u   keehe     M^^

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