Love Search
— roy chi —

i desire love.

a love so strong that it breaks barriers and boulders /
inducing excitement carrying life on its shoulders /
ensuring spontaneity and not just unfailing security /
enduring through all hindrances, achieving maturity /
i need a love so faithful that it stands when i falter /
dictates the truth in my heart like the Rock of Gibraltar /
speaking linguistic promises of a connection eternal /
resplendent devotion like from a figure maternal /
a love so mysterious that a cryptic desire takes hold /
a passion to discover its depth and unearth its soul /
unique that its pricelessness is a universal concurrence /
that through all emcumbrances it finds strength in endurance /
a love in honesty, slashing through even the most enigmatic facade /
but in my search i fail to see that this love has always existed…

…in God.


~ by roychi on July 13, 2005.

2 Responses to “”

  1. damn. so… deep….. hahahah. no but seriously. word.

  2. are you serious? you’ve been writing such great stuff?
    wow roy, i am thoroughly amazed….love you for it, man.

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