I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all the people who came out for my birthday! I had such an awesome time (gettin’ obese from the Brazilian BBQ, gettin’ caked for the first time in my life, and gettin’ pretty trashed from millions of pok-taangs, the Patron shot from Jane, and the AMF from Janice). For all the people who came, I appreciate you comin’ out and celebrating my 22nd with me. Sorry, it ended up being kinda expensive. =T. When i get a job, I’ll treat you guys out. Promise. Sorta. And thanks for all the presents and cards — duly noted for when all y’alls birthdays roll around. =P

I also wanted to thank all you guys for the phone calls, e-mails, facebook wall comments, and text messages. I remembered each of you who wished me a happy birthday, and I truly thank u guys for taking the time to contact me. Pictures will surely be coming as soon as I get the photos from people.

Here’s a little sidenote for ERIN KANG:

     Erin! Have an awesome time in Korea. I know you’ll do good things there and you’ll gain so much experience and wisdom. Have a great flight and be safe. Watch out for all the Korean wifebeaters and hostile middle-aged men in business suits who stumble out of the bars after countless shots of soju. Can’t wait to see u in a year…

and last but not least…. HAWAII rules!! man the beaches are so nice here. and the girls… MmM mMm MmM. too bad i’m too pussy to approach any of them. =T. it was pretty crazy meeting up with Diana and Teresa, too.


~ by roychi on June 27, 2005.

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  1. hey!  happy belated bday roy!  hmmm im leaving here on the 29th at 5pm…how so i will be in Hawaii (Honolulu/Oahu area) around 8/9 pm??  u’re leaving on the 30th right…so the 29th will be your last night.  let’s meet up!  my # is 626-376-3355.  gimme urs~

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