ok jus for the sake of updating:

Thanks to all u guys who took the time to participate in my Psych survey for my class. Basically, the hypothesis that me & my group came up with is that taller people have generally higher self-esteem and more life satisfaction. Also, that this correlation is higher with men than with women. Our results, however, prove that this is not significantly true. But then again, like 90% of our subjects were all college students — so I’m thinking that maybe there would be more of a correlation as we get older. =? I dunno. And also, like 70% of the subjects were Asian — so maybe that had something to do with it too. but yeah, thanks for participating — now I gotta a 7-page paper on the non-existent results.

Can’t wait for the COMMON concert on Monday!!! giyeahhhh. gotta keep memorizing the lyrics on his album. I’m crossin my fingers that Kanye will be there. but i don’t wanna disappoint myself if he doesn’t show up, so I can’t jinx it. Anybody else going??

Just watched “Cinderella Man.” awesome movie. usually i don’t really like boxing movies, but this is hands down the best boxing movie i’ve ever seen. haha when we were buying tickets, Dennis was like: “Can I get one for ‘Cinderella Story’?” The ticket lady was like: “…. uhhh ….” haha it was funny.

man my xangas are so boring now. i think i’m gettin’ old.



~ by roychi on June 4, 2005.

6 Responses to “”

  1. no i LOVE it! keep updating foolios! freakin lame-o! aiight peace!

  2. hahahaha cinderella story… roy, let’s go out again!

  3. no…its cause you’re getting ugly

  4. miss u roy…i mean…LOY…haha can we hang out..geezzz…j/k

  5. hahah cinderella story.  anywaysssssss hope u’re doin good !  🙂  

  6. hi loy, lol, man i really wanted to go to that damn common concert, too bad they sold, actually it was my fault i kept forgetting about getting the ticket……EFFglad you had fun there man. haha

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