ey wat’s up guys? for my Psychology class, we have to conduct a survey. i was wondering if you guys can help me out by jus taking a 5-minute survey. thanks…




~ by roychi on May 19, 2005.

3 Responses to “”

  1. i did it being the nice *CLOWN* that i am XD

  2. hahaha Roy….ur too funny. You and your Korean. Whenever you have time..let’s chill! We went to Happy Hour on Thurs…*sniiFF* where were u? Let’s do our annual K-Town cafe thing like last year…except this year I won’t scare you guys off with mah dancing….call me!

  3. hey i wanna go…..
    yo do you know if they still got tix to common concert?? i still wanna go haha

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