…America the Beautiful…

America the beautiful, home of the brave,
powerful due to the exploitation of slaves,
engraved in our currency, in God we trust,
killin’ families abroad and proclaimin’ it just,
sayin’ that it’s just our children who need to learn,
but then we let a dumbass get a second term,
i find it hard to believe that we’ve been told the truth,
Bush somehow captures Saddam right before we go to the booths,
using tabloids like lollipops to persuade the youth,
using steroids in baseball trying to clone Aaron and Ruth,
the world’s messed up, drugged up on cocaine,
using drugs to solve our problems from Viagra to Rogaine,
the government cracks down on dealers with autonomy,
when Ecstasy would be sold at Sav-On if it helped the economy,
a nation where smoking marijuana will get you locked up or fined,
but cigarettes kill more than AIDS, accidents, and cancer combined,
if we could know about the lies we would never hear the end of it,
the government killin’ our own, as long as it’s for their benefit,
and then with Britney and J.Lo they redirect our attention,
and somehow 26 dead Iraqi prisoners media fails to mention,
Schiavo and Jackson takin’ up most of the coverage fraction,
no wonder we’re the home of the weapons of mass distraction,
unbelievable how messed up our priorities have gotten,
forgotten our values like how we forgot Bin Laden,
and when asians speak out the volume’s turned down,
you’re important as long as you’re not black, yellow, or brown,
this melting pot of equality is just a facade,
pointing their fingers at whoever has Allah as God,
all terrorists are Arabs is now our national doctrine,
while stars get off for murder as long as they got Cochran,
feds take away our freedom like Schiavo’s feeding tube,
complicated conspiracies like a federal Rubix’s Cube,
immigrants everyday searching for the land of opportunity,
then they live off welfare and food stamps in a ghetto community,
‘cuz poorly planned tax cuts skyrocket our national debt,
by serving his father, Bush is playing Russian Roulette,
except when he pulls the wrong trigger it’ll end up as our demise,
and he’s hitting 18 holes while our American soldiers die,
telling us that invading an innocent nation isn’t an act of insolence,
and now you think that the world hating us is just a coincidence?
please, don’t buy all the lies that 9-11 was our reason for war,
we piss off, they retaliate, c’mon we’ve done this before,
conservatives blending the Constitution with Scripture,
forgetting that Church and State is a hazardous mixture,
the death of Pope John Paul should be a reminder to us all,
that the evil live forever and the good ones always fall,
America’s fueled by deception and capitalistic greed,
where the capable stay silent and inadequate idiots lead,
all the wealthiest in our land got there with blood on their hands,
the top 1% of our nation is the original Ku Klux Klan,
and with our ancestor’s blood we all carry on,
but you’ve gotta be blind if you think that slavery’s gone,
except now a slavemaster is called a CEO,
and working under the white man is as far as you’ll go,
and with the rappers and Kobes blingin’ with diamonds on their necks,
we blind ourselves from the white man’s signature on their checks,
but the truth is that we’re also the ones to blame,
from charitable hearts to our greed became,
once it hits payday we’re rockin’ Porsche’s and Fendi’s
shouldn’t that shock you more than a finger at Wendy’s?
Marlboro’s on sale but the ban is on the lapdance,
millions of our dollars wasted on Uggs and Juicy sweatpants,
there has always been a war, but it’s not in Iraq,
it’s the racism in America of white against black,
it’s the war of greed keeping the poor even more broke,
blinded eyes and charbroiled lungs in the midst of smoke,
it’s the war in the schools of the lack of education,
it’s the diminishing voice of oppressed Asians,
it’s the war of obesity with extra value meals,
the loss of freedom with Bush’s fundamentalist ideals,
but maybe i’m just unnecessarily ranting as i type,
or are we actually lucky to be in the land of Stars and Stripes?



~ by roychi on April 10, 2005.

11 Responses to “”

  1. good shit roy

  2. serious! ignorant people will think ur just a complainer…
    fuckin idiots

  3. i’m at a loss of words for how brilliantly written that was, roy. really really really good stuff.

  4. I wonder…. How long does it take you to write out one of these… Very GoOd. Me Like, I Like, Everyone Like!!!

  5. definitely 2 eprops for that! we better grab lunch again some day. goodluck with your last quarter!

  6. aww roy… yea, i miss ya! i miss those good ole chingoo days… hehehe… and you bein our gigalo. lol. let’s plan a night out before grad… fo sho.

  7. roy hook it up with some bingsu =) haha it was good seeing you after freakin 3-4 years?! haha good stuff mister hope you’re doing well at school!

  8. nuff said

  9. forrealz Roy…it was so good seeing u 2 days in a row!! What a change. Wait…make that 3…today when you and Stan almost ran me over with the van. j/k

  10. yea seriously.. how come we dont have classes together no more? i miss making fun of your oversized backpack. man, where the heck is jessjue? i never see her anymore either. lets hang out soon k? take care roychi!

  11. that was pretty… lol cool background and HI ROY!

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