damn… you seriously should’ve gone to handsome boy modeling school concert!! you guys missed out…

…if you were trying to find the best way to waste 4 hours of your day AND feel like you could’ve spent $30 in much better ways such as paying a little spoiled rich kid to kick you in the balls. no linkin park… no jack johnson… no rza… no pharrell williams… no del the funky homosapien… no mars volta… NOT EVEN Cat Power!!!! C’mon… do you even KNOW who Cat Power is?? EXACTLY! how hard is it to get Cat Power to come to your damn concert???

ok if you come out with a CD where you ONLY do the music, and EVERY VOCAL on your album is from featured guests… then your concerts should include those featured guests. it shouldn’t just be a concert of you guys standing there and pressing “Play” on the CD player that plays your album. attending the Handsome Boy Modeling School concert is the equivalent of going to the movie premiere of “Ocean’s Twelve,” expecting to see Catherine Zeta Jones, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Bernie Mac, and Andy Garcia — but instead the only people who walk down the red carpet are: the production assistant and the intern that refilled the toilet paper dispenser after Bernie Mac took a dump.



~ by roychi on March 29, 2005.

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  1. puahahahahahah!!!!!!
    omg i was reading this at work….i almost got BUSTED cuz i was giggling. i had to bite my tongue so hard to shut the hell up. but FREALZ?!?!?!? its like goin to watch zack attack at a “friends forever concert” and all u get is a look at mr tuttles fat hairy ass. no pun intended. sheeeeeesh. i mean yeah mike shinoda, pharrell, jack johnson was being very wishful, but DAYAM, no CAT POWER?!?!?! thats shaaaaaaaaaady.
    fuck im so glad we got a heineken out of it. if it wasnt for that gay guy from the hawaiin band or that stoned pothead who couldnt catch a frickin beat, i woulda boooooo-ed til cat power came outta her cave frickin kitty house *meow*

    fuck the $60 handome boy modeling school package. they made me =(

    but i still had lotsa fun =)

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