can u believe some guy drew these on the sidewalk with chalk?? i want this job:



~ by roychi on March 4, 2005.

10 Responses to “”

  1. haha, interesting first pic

  2. that’s pretty phenomenal.

  3. dude………that is nuts

  4. Amazing.

  5. oo yeaaa i saw that on a website somewhere…do ukno the actual locations of dose drawings?? damn i wanna visit themm!!!! hes soo tight. hi roy -.-

  6. hello there chi-ter. remember that time when u drew that bombass pix of me for my birthday? i still ahve it. i think ur sooo talented. whoa is that a compliment frmo me? wats wrong wif me? teeeheeee!

  7. hahaha.. doOode those pix are krazzeee… i esp find the first one quite amusing.. hehe.. ROOoooy… u neEd to come and visit us vETeran ladies.. haha.. i always see u at the bus stop and call ouT ur name.. but u never hear me.. =( … hope you’re doing gOod… its finally sunny… so maybe we’ll finally have that barbeque i was talking bout.. =)

  8. dude, that’s crazy! hi!

  9. hello roy!!
    give me patbingsu gracias

  10. hi roy!! i found ur xanga through chris’s blogring thingy majigger..its lisa maki btw..=)

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