whoa it’s been a while. i thought i’d never do xanga ever again. but anyways here’s something i’ve been wanting to get off my chest…


you know just for the record / i’m not a pastor-preacher / i’m just a strugglin’ christian still searchin’ for a teacher / seekin’ for a lesson that’ll bless me with some answers / this blissful ignorance is killin’ me like cancer / the lies metastasizing to my eyes and ears, altering the reality in which i see and hear / it’s clear that my fear of change is deteriorating my soul / feeling too comfortable in this sin is exterminating me as a whole / although i always return to finding shelter in a prayer / i see that i’ve always treated my repentance like it’s air / that i disregard its importance ‘cuz breathing’s such an effortless event / so i can sin whenever i want to just as long as i repent / blinded by my constant affirmations that “life is too short to waste with God” / too preoccupied with the trivial to see that i’ve been faced with a facade / when someone asks if my walk is good i automatically return a nod / when i know that what i really want to say is not something they’d applaud / i just wish life was easy, came with instructions since i was born / not reborn and forlorn being victimized by scorn / i’ve worn too many masks with a smile shielding my pain / i’ve felt too many attacks of disdain to desire a heaven to obtain / who are they to judge the war within my heart? / with their staring eyes they criticize and made me fall apart / what’s supposed to be a house of forgiveness has shown me rejection / i mean, don’t we reveal ourselves to our family because we expect affection?

what gives us the right to neglect our brothers and sisters? / what gives us the right to reject all others? / we criticize that Muslim for the god that he believes in / we scold and judge that sinner because her actions are indecent / we deny and reject, but we smile and expect to please God by our hate?! / we depreciate all non-believers, never ceasing to berate / let me remind you that “God is love” is emphasized in Scripture / don’t you think it’s odd then that non-believers paint another picture? / that Christianity is a religion based on intolerance and contradiction / no wonder many people take our conviction in God as fiction / so if God is so great, then why don’t so many people believe in Christ? / if heaven is so amazing then why don’t they see the light? / i do not have the answers to these questions but i’ll try to help you solve them / maybe it’s the way we portray God’s love (or lack thereof) that’s the problem…




~ by roychi on January 17, 2005.

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  1. hey babe.. yea i’ve been super MIA since like the end of junior year… but yea. let’s all hang out. miss u!!! i really do… u & ur mean comments about my ADD and randomness… hehe. i miss u and jane giving each other “the look” whenever i did something stupid and then cracking up. haha… neway. yea. we gotta chill. 

  2. royboy… always got something good to say with his spoken word/poem crap. good job cuz i TOTALLY agree with you. DAMN CHRISTIANS! but yeah… there is hope… i assure you. Good to see you back in the world of Xanga! WOHOO!!!

  3. hi roy! hahah yeah don’t tell me who u r or anything (in your comment). good thing im a genius & i figured it out -_-
    actually it was kinda whack (the party).  shoulda went out w/u guys instead haha.  heard u guys had fun @ ivar, i woulda went but either my phone or jane’s phone was whack & i didn’t get her calls.  o well, next time.  seeeeeee ya!!!! =D

  4. Hi ROY!
    It was good seeing you. I will be seeing you a lot again. YAY!!By the way, yeah, I love to eat.. I don’t think it’s ever possible for me to go on a diet. You know it!
    Let’s go eat when you come over.

  5. wassup dawg…come visit me up north

  6. what up bro, peep my new xanga. peace

  7. hiiiiii roy chiiiiiiii ur back?????? =D hope ur taking care..let’s hit up some shows -.-

  8. Roy, the way you can play with words.. intimate. smooth. soulful. powerful. moving. it’s a gift I love. Coy Roy. It makes me happy to know that there will always be a rhythm flowing along the western end.. well, actually. for now, it’s far East. Late, homeslice.    

  9. WHO: my lovely friends & their friends and their friends’ friends, etc. (seriously, bring whoever you want. i heard it’s empty up in there.)  WHAT: my 22nd birthday celebration!!WHEN: Saturday, February 19, 2005 at 10 p.m. to closing (around 2 a.m.) WHERE: Luna (the old Rosen Brewery)… the address is…400 South Western AvenueLos Angeles, CA 90020the number is…(213) 388-0061, in case you get lost.

  10. Umm You need to UPDATE u Chapchae boy. hahahahaha. You are so funny Roy. One time I should make u Chapchae.~Haven’t seen you in awhile.. come over.

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