This one goes out to anybody who has ever disrespected their parents.

Little princess who’s mastered the map of the mall, babydoll who gets
far with her father’s credit card / Tough guy with the gang strut, game
up, who’s gained what? / A shelter over the comfortable bed in which
you sleep / Cheap clothes but it keeps you warm at least / A piece of
shit of Jeep but it gets from A to B / You pout about doing algebra while
they try to make ends meet / ‘Cuz you believe that not gettin your
freedom at sixteen is such a tragedy / Priorities so twisted made you
so distant from your family / You feel like your mom doesn’t want you
to have fun / You feel like your dad wants you to be a perfect son /
You feel like they just want to accomplish through you what they
couldn’t when they were young / And you feel like they don’t even
acknowledge anything you’ve done / But ask yourself a question before
you bitch and moan / Have you ever raised some children of your own? /
Don’t assume that you know how it’s supposed to go / That they’re
supposed to give you shelter, that they’re supposed to give you dough /
No father or mother needs to do anything for your ass / When you were
born they could’ve just left you in the trash / Or gotten an abortion or adoption
so that they wouldn’t have to deal with you / And if you knew that your
kids would be like you, then you’d probably do it too / And just cuz
you they don’t allow you to go out, you have the audacity to scream your lungs out and shout at
them and yell at them and disrespect them in the house that they paid
for you to live in? / And you throw a fit when they go through your
drawers and clothes, saying: “Why did you go into MY room without MY
permission?!” / Uh lemme remind you that it’s THEIR room, it’s THEIR
drawers, it’s THEIR kitchen / it’s THEIR computer that you’re talking
online with / it’s THEIR food and silverware that you dine with / so
until you pay for the mortgage and the damn electricity / all your
selfish bitching ain’t nobody listening / and if you think about
running away from home / don’t take any of your clothes and belongings
‘cuz none of that shit you own / so before you raise your voice, raise
your intelligence / realize what your parents went through before you
get rebellious / they don’t work 9 to 5 jus so they can come home to
disrespect / work their asses off just to end up with regret / sure,
disagreements may arise, but even if you disagree, look into their eyes
/ and tell them that you love them, regardless of what they say / ‘cuz
if it wasn’t for their love for you, you wouldn’t even be where you are


~ by roychi on August 17, 2004.

4 Responses to “”

  1. aww…*tear*

  2. well said well said. haha keep up the good work.

  3. hi roy!
    we were in the same class at chungs
    im still in korea by the way haha okay see ya later and take care!

  4. roy…what up man..long time no see, we gotta hang out sometimes, with sharon too haah

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