VEGAS was so dope. damn, i never thought vegas was fun until i
turned 21 this past week. a bunch of us went to vegas to celebrate me
and johnny’s 21st birthdays. well on the way up, my car breaks down
‘cuz the engine overheats ‘cuz i had no more antifreeze/coolant in my
car. so i’m like making all these detours to service stations and crap
to get it fixed. and to make matters worse,  i lost $170 from
gambling… …in fact, our whole group
lost around $2,000 from gambling. so yeah, in those aspects, it was
kind of a burn. but one of the highlights of our trip was rumjungle.
damn this is definitely the best club i’ve ever been to (i have yet to
go to rain and ra). but yeah, here’s some pics of that night:

dennis, me, nit, and eddie in front of rumjungle right before we go in and see…


…and this…

…and then this…

…and finally THIS!!!

and then me, eddie, and john lin get shots from this FOINE babe…

then we dance for like 3 hours straight… (btw, contrary to popular
belief, the guy in the white shirt is NOT me… c’mon i dance better
than that)

here’s me and jane takin’ a break…

and finally, here’s a group pic of the people who went to vegas…

all of u who called me, IMed me, text messaged me, and talked to me in
person on my birthday… thanks a lot — i really appreciate it. and to
all of u who got me presents, “aw u shouldn’t have” hahah but thanks u
guys, they were all dope as hell. thanks to all of u guys, i had an
awesome 21st birthday.


~ by roychi on June 27, 2004.

3 Responses to “”

  1. dang… looks like u had FUN! look at all those scantily clad women… HOT! kekehappy belated! isnt being 21 great?

  2. I know this seems kinda like im kidding since im always joking around– but i honestly forgot all about your birthday!! remember in wieners class we were taking notes and i wrote a note to myself… saying… Roys bday: PLEASE forget– well i guess i did.. but it looks like you had sooo much fun 187 to all of you guys for being 21 im so jealous… but anyways– happy birthday- ill promise to be a better friend this year see ya in class- thatll be your bday present, to go to class and see me sorry happy birthday you old dogg

  3. i’m pose to go this coming weekend… aiigoo… i’m still debating what to do… anyway…
    play w/ us roy! where u be?

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