whoa. finally i am done. i feel like it has been so long since i’ve
felt this much relief. damn, i definitely need to stop pulling so many
all-nighters for finals — it’s killin’ me. but at least its over. this
week is gonna be awesome i hope… let it all hang out before going
back to class in summer school. =/.

i jus wanted to say happy birthday to grace eum, dennis, jimmy, gina, susan, and anybody else’s birthday that i missed hahah. hope u guys have a good one.

i jus also wanted to say have a good trip to some people who are leaving: michelle kye, michelle jin, cindy, esther,
and a lot more people but i can’t think right now. hope you guys have
fun at your respective locations around the globe. be safe.

and to my roommate, stanley.
damn i’m gonna miss you bro. hope u have an awesome time in taiwan and
stay safe, homie. i’ll see ya in shanghai. don’t have too much fun
without me.

arrite that’s it for now. summer, here i come.


~ by roychi on June 19, 2004.

7 Responses to “”

  1. roy chi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am very sorry i missed ur call. my phone died on me today. i will miss chi-ter. if u want ne thing fobby, juss holla! i hope we get to hang out more this summer and next year after u get back from china! take care urself, and dont forget all ur sbtb!!!!! we will have tournament! c-2 ❤ babeeee!

  2. aww roy!
    yayee june babies are the BEST!!

  3. tthanks roy. have a great summer break. =) we’ll

  4. oy. ur xanga is on crack it cut me off. we’ll all prolly chill before we leave.

  5. shang hai! i dont know why but that made me excited. hahaha ok bye.

  6. hiiii roy!!! Thanks roy! you are too sweet! have a great break and have a blast in vegas! 21 here u come! i will prob see u during break…hopefully! until then…take care of yourself! =)


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