yeah so i decided to do another writing since i haven’t done one of
these in a while. i usually never write about love ‘cuz i think that
whenever i write about it, it always ends up sounding really corny and
lame. but i decided jus to give it a shot… tell me wat u think…

i want a kind of love that makes me smile when i open my eyes and
realize that there’s no other girl i’d rather have in my life / not just
a “love at first sight” type love / more of a “love at EVERY sight”
type love and a “can’t wait to see your face and embrace you” kind of
love / and a “pray that you’ll stay forever” kind of a love / a love
where if our plane is crashing down to the ground that the only sound
from our mouths is: “i love you” / where the second after we hang up
after counting to three, we call each other back simultaneously, and
say “i missed you” / i want a kind of love where your name rolls off my
tongue like waves in the sea / where happiness is a locked door and
your name is the key / i want a kind of love where everytime someone
asks how we’re doing, i just stare off into space and my face becomes
glazed as the only movement that takes place is a smile / and it takes
a while to answer ‘cuz my mind is idle, completely focused when you’re
in it / where every minute seems like it’s infinite and when you look
at me i’m feeling like you’re stealing every breath that i take / and
i’d rather gasp for air than glance away from your face / i want a kind
of a love where when i’m holding your hand i can’t stand to imagine
letting you go / and i know that even though they say that there are a
million fish in the sea / i want a kind of love where you’re the only
fish for me / i wanna be like the guy in “Memento” losing my memory
every now and then / just so everytime i see you, i’d fall in love all
over again / i want a kind of a love that gives me a feeling that i
can’t express / where every passing moment i just wanna confess the
love that i possess and that there’s nothing that’ll make me love you
less unless they change the definition of the word “love” / where we
swim with each other when the waters get rough / where we stand by each
other when times are tough / where a lifetime with you just isn’t enough /
a love that’ll last even when eternity ends… i want that kind of love.


~ by roychi on May 23, 2004.

15 Responses to “”

  1. william shakesqueer ring a bell?

  2. j00 g31 – stephen and friends
    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! – diane!

  3. koo mad propz!

  4. hahah shakesqueer LOL

  5. yeah.. i have dat kinda love somewhat.. wif Ms. Alcohol!! =P but lately i’ve been neglecting her.. i feel so bad xP

  6. Good stuff…

  7. awwww…

  8. are u for realz?! hahaha did u write that?! HAHAHA

  9. Corny and Cute… hahahaha.. funnie. Its Good. Seems like various scenes out of chick flicks.

  10. i’m gonna cry…*sniff sniff*…i really really liked it roy! *smile*

  11. Hey Roy! hows it going? remember me? Anyways, that is a beautiful kinda love…its hard to put what kinda love u want into words…but it’s possible cuz u j/ did it. haha

  12. Aww…I want an inconvenient, time consuming, pain in your side but smile on your face kind of love too.

  13. roy- im gagging.. and i know that that is all BS!! It should say– I want the kind of love where she’ll do everything for me/ where she’ll attack the same major as me, take the same classes as me, and attend classes for me/ The love where she’ll say “baby, I’ll do AnnnnnnnnYTHING for you” and you Roy will test… is this really true?? /then you’ll sleep in everyday, have your girl go to class, while you crack open a beer with your homies and laugh/ you’ll think dang, my girl is fly.. but deep down inside she’ll wanting some other guy– KARL MALONE.. LOL
    Im kidding- youre cute roy- thanks for ruining my day- by making me all depressed- 187 boys.. haha just kidding byeeee

  14. aww i had NO idea you felt that way about me…

  15. oh roy chi you are so gay. HAHAHAH SHAKESQUEER.
    sigh. jk roy that was very sweet. are you in the mood for looooooove??? oOoOoOoOooH… sigh. look at me. i have a japanese test in 20 minutes and i’m sitting here commenting on your xanga. if i fail and get kicked out of ucla it’s all your fault and i’ll be coming for your ass!!!! >:O ….. to go eat. 😀

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