damn i had the strangest dining experience today… so i went to Market
Broiler (that expensive seafood restaurant in Ontario Mills) with my
mom and brother. and we got hooked up like CRAZY. the waiter hooks us
up with like a free appetizer, free sodas, 2 free bowls of soup, and
free cheesecake for dessert. the whole time he jus kept bringing us
stuff and saying: “oh, try this appetizer… it’s my favorite” and
like: “here’s some cheesecake on me… it’s delicious.” and like we
ordered a bowl of soup, and he brings over two and he’s like: “here’s
another bowl jus so you guys can all have some… don’t worry — it’s
on me.” and ultimately, he didn’t even charge us for the original one
bowl of soup that we ordered! it was seriously so strange ‘cuz i’ve
never seen any waiter do that before. like i can understand that maybe
he jus wanted mad tips, but even so, don’t you think that’s going a
lil’ overboard??  our bill was supposed
to be around $75, but it came out to $41. but yeah… i dunno why he
was hooking us up so much… i guess don’t ask, and jus enjoy, right?


~ by roychi on May 17, 2004.

4 Responses to “”

  1. he’s spittin’ some game at mama Chi…who wouldn’t?

  2. thats cuz he knows that ur MY friend. i told him to hook it up cuz ur gonna be sad when u lose round 2 of sbtb trivia to ME. muahahahahaha. i wouldnt make ne sense to normal ppl reading this comment. im gay.

  3. hahah.. wow. lucky u roy. i think the guy has a crush

  4. hahaha funny! roy i ❤ you!

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