ok so this past weekend, i went to berkeley with eddie, stephen & jason for nitin’s 21st. it was pretty dope… especially ‘cuz i got to see ZION I in concert. they’re seriously one of the best hip hop groups out there. but anyway, here’s a few pics from the trip:

zion i, of course. ’nuff said.

says so much about us CHINESE guys… (and i mean, “dong” in English, not in korean hahah)

eddie playin guitar out on the porch like a lil’ redneck… yeah, berkeley is pretty damn boring in the daytime.

takin a few shots before we go out to party…

haha stephen’s gay…

what trip would be complete without the POB Queen doing what he does best…

oh yeah, on the way up to berkeley, i freakin’ got a speeding ticket for 80 mph!! who the hell gets a speeding ticket for 80 mph on a 70 mph speed limit road on the way up north on the 5??? there was like NOBODY on the road, and it was like all empty road, and that asshole cop still gave me a ticket for going 80. what a bastard.

and on the way down from berkeley, we were caught in the middle of a highway car chase. it was pretty dope ‘cuz the criminal zoomed past me going like twice my speed down the 5, and it hit an innocent car not too far ahead of us. the innocent car swerved into the side gravel and the criminal jus kept going. a few seconds later, like 10 cop cars zoom past us. it was pretty crazy stuff.

and finally, when we got back to my apartment, i was parking on the street and i unknowingly ran over a squirrel. keep in mind that i was parking, so i was going like 5 mph. here’s me and my victim (yeah, i feel like a bastard for smiling and puttin my thumbs up):

poor thing even had my tire’s treadmarks on its back. rest in peace, lil’ fella. anyway, that’s it. happy 21st birthday, nit.



~ by roychi on May 1, 2004.

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  2. omfg zion i is my love. he was on perfomin on campus like 2 or 3 years back. i forget when. but yeah i thought i was gonna faint in front of his face. looks like u had fun!! hahaha poor squirtle =(

  3. oops mc zion i mean~~~ and amp live is good too.  u so lucky!!!

  4. i love the squirrels here. poor squirrel. you are a bad bad man!!!!

  5. lol…my friend ran over a rabbit at ucsd once…but it hopped away after we stopped to check it out

  6. OMG roy!!! thats soooo horrible!!! eeek…

  7. that’s some funny ish

  8. you are an evil person…

  9. roy you came out really cute in that pic of you with the dead squirrel. haha
    let’s pLay!!!!

  10. is that the AXiO house? looks familiar :T

  11. damn. theres beastiality rite there. i love that pix of eddie on the porch. reminds me of the beverly hill billies or something. i better see u this week or u get another dose of bruin walk! =D

  12. LOL thats the hugest squirrle ive ever seen- i can’t believe you took a picture with that poor thing but its still freakin funny- because i have never seen you smile so big in your life ! you evil person

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