ok so remember last year when i did the top 20 things that annoyed the hell out of me? i decided that why not do another one for this year. but before i go on with my new top 20, here’s a recap from last year’s:

Sunday, February 09, 2003


… Here’s 20 things that either drive me crazy or disgust the hell outta me… (tentatively listed, of course)

1. Fat girls who wear jeans that are so tight that their belly fat and lovehandles just cliffhang off the side of their belt. Freakin looks like they’re melting or something.

2. Ad pop-ups. Especially those that take up the whole screen and have small-ass“[X] Close” icons hidden somewhere inside the ad.

3. When losers put up posters of movies that they swear are the greatest films ever made — but that they’ve never actually watched completely. So if you put up that “Scarface” poster just because you saw it in Ja Rule’s house on “MTV Cribs,” please watch the movie first.

4. High school gangsters who already graduated from high school. Seriously… grow up. While the rest of us people are going to college to prepare for our futures — you’re staring down fools ‘cuz they dissed yo reputation so you need to re% to prove yo thug nature. Nigga please.

5. When people sing along to a song that’s playing on the radio, and they don’t know the damn lyrics so they start singing a word and then realize that it’s really another word so they kind of blend their made up word and the real word, so that they sound like retarded dumbasses who just don’t know the lyrics of the song. Either finish the made up word or just don’t sing along. “Lifestyles… of the rich and the dar-mous!!”

6. When people ask “really?” or “serious?” after I tell them something, and then wait for a response. Uhh no… not really. I just lied for the hell of it.

7. When people IM me, and then I respond, and then they stop talking. If you’re not gonna talk then why’d u IM me in the first place? And if it’s ‘cuz you’re expecting me to create conversation, you IMed me… so that’s your responsibility.

8. When people leave on their left/right blinker for like 5 minutes without ever switching lanes or making a turn. When people put on their left blinker and then make a right turn. When people just brake on the freeway when there’s nothing in front of them. When I’m stuck in traffic and the lane next to me is going faster and so I change lanes and the second I change lanes, my original lane starts going faster. When people drive around post-crash cars and their bumpers are half off and the license plate is dragging on the ground with the windows cracked and the doors caved in and they’re too cheap to take it to a body shop because they think “hey as long as it still works, it’s all good” — uh driving around that crap is not only a danger to you but its hazardous to my safety as well. stop being so jew.

9. Glowsticks and the lame ravers who dance around with them. Even worse, when these losers do it in public, when there’s no rave scene, no rave drugs, and no rave music. Even if “Sandstorm” is playing in your head, we can’t hear it, and you look stupid.

10. Girls (mainly korean girls) who get eyelid surgery. If you weren’t born with them, then God intended for you to be ugly. Deal with it.

11. When people drink and then pass out three seconds later. If you’re gonna spend $20 to sleep, then why don’t you just take a shot of NyQuil?

12. When people assume too quickly. Like when your friend gets a phone call and then after you ask “Who was that?” they say: “Oh you don’t know ‘em.” How do you know who I know or don’t know? Let me be the judge of the people I’ve encountered in my life. Or when you do one nice thing for a girl just because you feel like being a gentleman for the day, and she automatically thinks you’re jocking her. Don’t flatter yourself.

13. When the person that’s sitting shotgun is like small as hell, while three people, each twice as big as the person sitting shotgun, are barely gasping for breath ’cuz there’s no room. True, shotgun is one thing. But logic is another. And I think logic supercedes shotgun in all cases.

14. “Guess what?”…. “What?”…. “Actually, nevermind.”

15. When we’re at noraebang (karaoke), and the person without a mic is hollering louder than the person with a mic. Freakin’ wait your damn turn. And also when someone requests a song, and when it comes up, nobody claims it to be their song. Stop wasting our time.

16. Cheap jews. Y’kno those people who, if you owe them money, they remember it to the exact amount: “Hey you know you owe me $15.23 right?” But when it comes time that they borrow from you, all of a sudden they become all Memento on your ass and when you remind them, they say “Damn… don’t worry about it. It’s coming.” And when they calculate to the nearest cent what they owe if something is split: “Ok, since I ate only two slices and a pepperoni… I only owe $3.68. Here’s $4.00… where’s my 32 cents?” And when they never buy their own food, but they just sit there and eat everybody else’s food. And when they somehow forget that there’s such a thing as a gratuity tip. And when they never offer to treat — and if they do (for some miraculous reason), they boast about it as if they’re freakin Mother Teresa and sayin crap like: “damn i’m so generous… you guys better remember this forever… omg i’m so nice.”

17. When you do a favor for someone, and they have the audacity to complain about how you did it.

18. Koreans with too much national pride. Stop raising the roof everytime you see a damn Hyundai. You never see Japanese people go: “oh damn… that’s a Honda. hellz giyeah japanese people make the best cars!” You know why?? Because they don’t need self-confirmation. The products should speak for themselves.

19. Mexicans.

20. People who are condescending. Including peers, employees, waiters, strangers, etc. The only people who have the right to be condescending are parents, and family elders. If you’re not, then you can stfu.


ok here’s my new top 20 things that annoy the hell out of me:

1. When I’m taking a shower and when the water gets from hot to cold in like 3 seconds, and you have to keep turning the knob to the left. The worst is when the knob can no longer turn anymore, and the water is still lukewarm. Damn I hate lukewarm showers.

2. When people ask me to open the trunk, and before I can even reach my hand to push the “trunk open” button, they’re banging on my spoiler. Everytime they do that I jus wanna get out and be like: “Can you open your face?” and then jus bitch slap them.

3. When I’m at a restaurant or store, and when I go to purchase my items, the cashier tries to be funny but it’s not. Like when I say something like: “Can I order a number 4 combo?” and he says: “no.” and then there’s that awkward ass silence, until he says: “haha just kidding.” great, you just wasted 5 seconds of my time, you worthless dumbass.

4. 99.1 KGGI. I dunno what the hell happened to this station. It went from Top 40 to pop to trance to hip hop, and now it’s basically mexican. It’s the only station where it can’t decide what the hell it wants to play. And what do they do? They remake good hip hop songs so that they can be more MEXICAN. friggin’ have you heard that god forsaken “Chile” song that’s parodied from “Milkshake?” And then, at midnight, some 50 year old white dood called Art Labowe plays love music from like 50’s. And since 99.1 only has mexican listeners, we have to listen to this old white grandpa read off dedications like: “This one’s from Rosarita to Juan. She just wants to say thank you for being such a down ass baby daddy. Even though you’re always rollin’ with your boys and pimpin’ the hoes, she’ll always keep you in her corazon.”

5. When 100 mph speed racers on the freeway highbeam you ‘cuz they want to pass u up. There’s 4 other damn lanes, use them.

6. When people are going on trips, and they complain about going. If you’re gonna go, then make the best out of it. Complainin’ only pisses everyone else off. If you don’t wanna go so bad, then don’t go.

7. Frat people who claim to be in it for the brotherhood. Don’t gimme that bullshit that you’re in it for the “brotherhood” or the “sisterhood”. Everyone and their pledge mamas know that you’re in it ‘cuz u wanna party and meet bitches.

8. When you’re in the car, and someone leaves shotgun, and nobody from back moves up to shotgun. Ok, if i’m gonna be your taxi driver for the ride, then you better gimme some cab fare.

9. On the same note, when you open the door for people (especially strangers), and they jus walk through without even acknowledging your ass. Stupid ass ungrateful wenches.

10. COCKY PEOPLE. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a huge difference between confidence and cockiness. Confident people don’t have to change what they do, think, or say. They don’t ever say that they’re confident. Cocky people always declare that they’re confident. Cocky people have to change what they do, think, or say so that they can live up to their reputation. Don’t get it twisted, there’s a huge difference.

11. People who don’t know how to cuss. If you’re gonna choose to cuss, please learn how. Learn when to use them, learn what words to use, and learn how to use them. Don’t use them when you’re talkin about your deceased family member or God. If you do, then you sound like a fuckin’ dumbass.

12. People on Friendster who ask people to add them as friends. Stop being such a pathetic loser and having your own little personal race to see how many friends you can beg to add you as one of their “friends.”

13. People who don’t tell grades or test scores. Ok what grade are you in? Everyone’s done bad on a tests before, stop acting like your life will be ruined when people know that you got… God forbid… a B!!! I hope you die a failure.

14. People who act like their conneisseurs in everything. They try to give you little tid-bits on how to sip tea and smoke cigars and eat sushi. Actin’ like they know what’s the best fermentation process for alcohol. Get a life you damn losers.

15. People who always poke their head into conversations and say something stupid as hell. These people ALWAYS have something to say, and most of the time it’s something that just creates courtesy laughs or confusing pauses of “uh what the hell was that?”

16. When everyone’s sharing a plate of something, and there’s always that last piece that sits there for days ‘cuz nobody wants to be the asshole who ate the last french fry. Just eat the damn thing — nobody’s gonna hold a grudge over an onion ring. And GIRLS who cut the last french fry in half, and says: “who wants to share this with me?” Makes me wanna stick that last french fry in her eye. 

17. People who never go to class, never buy the books, never take notes. But when midterm time comes, they ask you to teach them everything that’s gonna be on the test. Go to class you lazy ass.

18. People who tell you that you look like someone ugly, but they act like it’s a compliment. Tell other people first, and if they say: “how sad!!” then stfu.

19. KOREAN HOES who act like they jus popped out of their oh-mah’s bpoh-jee. Stop acting like a damn baby with your ooohhhh-pahhhh and your hahhh-geee-mahhhh!!! Stop shriveling up whenever someone makes fun of you. Damn, no wonder your husbands beat your annoying, whiny ass. If other races had such annoying bitches, then domestic violence would be the norm.

20. William Hung.



~ by roychi on April 20, 2004.

11 Responses to “”

  1. dude. this post is way too long for me to read. im just stopping by to say wassup and how you been. i saw your friend jane tym or something. i was buzzed so i told her that i knew you. HAHAAH aiite. laters

  2. u did it again. damn i didnt think ur list could get any better or more accurate than last year. ok damn. since its spring or the more “chill” quarter we better freakin hang out!!!!!!!!!! gosh its been like what a freakin year reunion?!?!?! seeing ur ass everyday to like once every year, its pretty damn sad chi-ter! =(

  3. ahha im gonna post on mine. ahhaha this is so funny. hi roy!

  4. ‘whaddup, wow, you seem like a real interesting person, bye

  5. hahahaahhaa roy.. u crack me up. i never read long entries, but i always enjoy urs 🙂
    u and i can gossip and talk smack all day long~~
    LETs DO IT!!

  6. 11. When people drink and then pass out three seconds later. If you’re gonna spend $20 to sleep, then why don’t you just take a shot of NyQuil?STFU POB QUEEN!!!!1. When I’m taking a shower and when the water gets from hot to cold in like 3 seconds, and you have to keep turning the knob to the left. The worst is when the knob can no longer turn anymore, and the water is still lukewarm. Damn I hate lukewarm showers.YEAH THIS SUCKS

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHA… mexicans?? wat the? hahahahaha. freakin roy.
    anyway… so when’re we gonna smoke… the veteran apt girls, me, diana, grace, & you. hahaha

  8. in your first entry- you were freakin hating on JEWs soo freakin much- but I guess now that you know me you know that Jues arent that freakin bad- geez roy- you have some severe psychological issues that you need to get over- meet me at my office kay-
    well im glad that i learned about all the stuff you hate- im sure the world will now accomadate for you and what you hate soooo much- good job
    one thing i hate roy are people who make a list of all the things that they hate about other people
    JK fool im messing around- i feel like all those points you made up there are directed towards me- i do all that stuff the one that i feel is especially directed towards me is the mexican one-
    hehe good entry dude- haha made me lol byeee roy

  9. HAHAHAHA WSUP ROY. freakin funny. LOL i agree with u on that list man…DAMN.

  10. hey roy, it’s diana (cheung)…i found your xanga, cuz i was xanga-surfing like a lame-O…i like your lists…esp. #16 from the new one…LOL  =)  hope you’re doing well~

  11. oh yah, i used to make lists like these too.  I titled them, “Things that Peeve”  : )

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