so me, jane, and hanna went to the House of Blues to watch the Kanye West concert. damn it was off the hook… no lie. but anyway i’m not here to talk about the concert ‘cuz you all know it was probably awesome ‘cuz kanye is friggin’ dope. (btw… Xzibit, Talib Kweli, Common, Young Gunz, and Dilated Peoples also performed). but anyway… so it was PACKED and it was as HOT as mama ahn with a baby tee. so there’s the group of fat (sorry but they were) black girls right in front of us, and there’s this one chick in particular that was hugeeeee. and it was sick ‘cuz she was sweatin’ to the oldies and she kept rubbin’ her booty all up in my bidness. it was funny ‘cuz jane was standin’ right in front of her, and her boobs kept pounding on jane’s back everytime she jump jump jumped around. and there was this asian chick: total BUT-HER FACE may i add… during the concert she freakin wraps her arms around my stomach from behind, and grabs my crotch. i was like whoa dere. and like i didn’t kno what to do ‘cuz it was so straight-forward. so i jus looked back and she jus smiled with her nasty teeth. i actually think i shuddered, altho’ i feel bad now that i think about it. but i kinda jus moved forward and she eventually let go. it was perhaps one of the weirdest experiences i’ve ever had. hahaha anyway, kanye was freakin AWESOME.



~ by roychi on April 7, 2004.

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  1. stop making up crap roy … the only girl that grabbed u that night was edward

  2. you didnt tell me about the but-her face… eeeeeeek thats scary– i think id rather have the fat girls boobies pounding on my back– sounds like you guys had a good molesting – i still hate you for not telling me you guys were going! jk- glad it was awesome

  3. hahahahah dats sooo funny!! gross but funny. rofl  wsup roy.
    ya i dont think imma be takin psyh178 =*(

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