so i jus got back from the Big Apple with the homies. good times, good
times. in a nutshell, we walked, ate, watched Rent, walked some more,
ate some more, and did sum tourist-type ish. one thing i found
interesting was this street sign:

in California, there’s a $271 fine for a carpool violation; up to $320
fine for
handicapped parking violation; hell, i even got a speeding ticket fine
for jus
$160. but in New York, one honk of the horn can cost your ass $350!!
that’s like 2 XBoxes! nevertheless, the only sound you hear while
walking the streets of Manhattan is the neverending symphony of car

speaking of annoying nuisances… i’ve got a thing or two to say about
this William Hung deal. ok so if you’ve been in existence for as far
back as 2 months ago, then you know who William Hung is. i mean, how
can you not? he’s all over the news, the newspaper, radio, internet;
he’s been parodied in shows from Saturday Night Live to the Tonight
Show with Jay Leno; he was even a guest on the Ellen Degeneres Show
(soon to be on Letterman, as well). in fact, his name has been searched
for on Google more times than those of the past American Idol winners
COMBINED. now, how did this little Chinese Berkeley nerd, who sings
horrendously may i add, get to be the newest “fad” in pop culture —
and definitely one of the most talked about events in 2004 (next to
Janet’s nippoh and the Passion of the Christ). but anyway, HEY YOU
ASIAN PEOPLE!!! i’m talkin to you. isn’t it jus convenient that William
Hung fits almost every, single Asian stereotype known to American
minds? jus take a look at him: nerd? check. bowl haircut? check. small
body? check. speaks engrish? check. uber-nerd? CHECK. damn, isn’t it
strange how people love watching him perform although his singing SUCKS
ASS??? and look who his “fans” are: NON-ASIANS. see — as Asians, we
know how William Hung is. we all have a cousin that is basically
William Hung. some of us even are basically William Hung. so that’s why
when we see him perform, it’s nothing new to us. but when ignorant ass
non-asians first saw William Hung, it was like EVERY joke, EVERY insult
you were called in elementary school was all embodied on the television
screen. THEY WERE RIGHT when they made fun of Asians for being nerdy
and fobby and stupid. that’s why they love William Hung so much…
because THAT’S the type of Asian that they’re all familiar with, THAT’S
the type of Asian that they were told existed. it’s sad to see people
like Ryan Seacrest ridicule him on American Idol — saying that he’s so
excited to watch William Hung perform (not for his singing, but for the
entertainment value). And when i say “entertainment value,” it’s the same
type as entertainment as watching “Punk’d” and the “Jamie Kennedy Show”
— laughing at the expense of someone else. except the difference here
is: that “someone else” is the ENTIRE ASIAN COMMUNITY. and don’t think
jus ‘cuz you’re Korean or Japanese or Vietnamese or whatever that jus
‘cuz William Hung is Chinese that it’s only Chinese people that they’re
laughing at. ‘cuz to them, if you got black hair, yellow skin, and
slanted eyes — YOU’RE A CHINK.

i dunno if William Hung is jus honestly retarded, but someone from
Berkeley needs to seriously kick that fool’s ass. hell, if i ever saw
that boy, i’d chuck a cup of Boba milk tea at his head and be like:
“why don’t you drink this on TV while you’re at it?!” while he thinks
livin’ la vida loca in the limelight, he fails to realize that he is
poisoning the Asian community everytime his hit count goes up on his
website, everytime he goes on TV, everytime he says some stupid shit,
everytime he MAKES A FREAKIN’ CD. seriously, the more i think about it,
the more i don’t blame Abercrombie for coming out with those
Chinese-bashing t-shirts. sure, ignorance is one thing, but people like
William Hung prove that we’re the ones that do it to ourselves. damn
i’m too pissed to talk right now
hahah. ok that’s enuff.


~ by roychi on April 1, 2004.

5 Responses to “”

  1. heheh don’t be mad roy šŸ™‚ william hung is william hung.. i think he has downsyndrome?? kinda??.. hehe . i heard he dropped out of skool??? 
    anywhoooo how are u… lets play šŸ™‚

  2. ey join my blog ring! Its my anti-william hung movement. It’s called “DIE William Hung”

  3. can I get an AMEN? AMEN!!!!! AMEN AMEN AMEN…

  4. hahahhahhahahhahahhahahaha

  5. You know what sucks about William Hung?!?!? He’s actually getting fucking better. He can hit some of the keys. Damn. Oh Well. I hate Ryan Seacrest even more. Ryan Seacrest makes me want to bash my head into the wall… Okbye

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