so… I decide to go get my bi-weekly haircut ‘cuz although my hair isn’t that long, I don’t wanna feel all groggy and sweaty at New York. but anyway, I find out that the place i usually get my cuts is closed down for the next two weeks (haha who knows what them viets did), so I decide to go to this old 75-year old vietnamese grandpa that Jason recommended with complete confidence. I mean, I went to him the last time so I didn’t feel too afraid. but anyway, first of all, after he finished giving me a haircut, he washed my hair at one of those sinks where I lay down. naturally, he wets the entire top-half of my t-shirt and gets water all over my eyes. It’s kinda like that korean KISS video except it wasn’t a hot korean yujah. but anyway, so i’m already kinda pissed ‘cuz my shirt’s gray — and for those of u who know what i’m talkin about, wet gray takes forever to dry. so yeah, i go back to the cutting room, and i’m sitting there as he decides to make more last minute alterations on my head. when he was done, he takes out this huge scrub-lookin thing (kinda like wat you’d use to scrub the floors) and scrubs the sides of my head to get the excess hair off. then, as he was doing this, he pauses — gazes into the mirror — and walks toward the mirror. confused as to wat the hell this old man was doing, i watched as he took the same scrub he jus scrubbed my head with and started scrubbing HIS BEARD. it was like he had some kinda of nasty itch or crap and was using the scrub to kill the lice or ticks or whatever. like u shoulda seen my face when he was scrubbin away… it’s like what you feel like after you find out that you jus drank a cup of vomit. so anyway after a good 10 seconds of his own beard scrubbing, he comes back and starts SCRUBBING THE REST OF MY HEAD. now i dunno how they cut hair back where he came from, but in America, that’s jus NASTY. damn it makes me sick jus even thinkin about it. brrrrrrrrrrrr.

Moral of the Story: don’t ever trust Jason’s recommendations…


but anyway, here’s a shoutout to my homie Eddie. happy 21st, bro.


~ by roychi on March 23, 2004.

6 Responses to “”

  1. yeah…jason is full of sh*t! jk!! =) DUDE, new york??? i’m only 3 hours away!!!

  2. HAHAHA yer funny roy chi. ur going to NY? so is jaysn kim… cool! ok byee

  3. i hope you got lice– you deserve to be taught a lesson!!! … actually you should have stole the beard/hair/neck/brush and put it in your backpack … right next to your bike, helmet, and purse– have an awesome spring break… and visit me in the ghetto

  4. hiiiiiii roy!!!! 🙂

  5. hey man! long time no talk. come to irvine and visit a homegirl! dang…. hahahha take cares!

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