as i sit here reminiscing about the past / it’s hard to believe time
goes this fast / that it seemed like yesterday that i was playin on the
slide / when “jinx” and “safety” were laws that i’d abide / when i had
hundreds of pogs and “Poison” slammers / when i always won those huge
inflatable hammers / when Circus Circus was the ONLY important Vegas
casino / how i giggled when i heard the words “gonad” and “penal” /
when my favorite drink was Crystal Clear Pepsi / and when i sat in
class, i NEVER had narcolepsy / nickelodeon shows like “Hey Dude” and
“Salute Your Shorts” / flipping over furniture to make army forts /
“Wild & Crazy Kids” with Cuba Gooding Jr’s little brother / Indian
burns and giving noogies to each other / when the librarian held up the
pictures while reading the book / and a sweatshirt tied around the
waist was THE coolest look / “The Polar Express” and “Where The Wild
Things Are” / playin’ chicken on the monkey bars / climbin up trees and
hoppin’ over gates / openin up gifts a day before ‘cuz u jus
couldn’t wait / racin’ with Micro Machines and Power Wheels / the
choice of regular or chocolate
milk for lunchtime meals / for school fundraisers we’d sell christmas
gift wrap / when you got to hunt on Oregon Trail on the O.G. mac /
when sleeping in class was actually part of
the course / taking cowboy photos on that little brown horse / when
instead of yearbook messages, people would just sign their names / and
Crossfire and Hungry Hungry Hippos were like the funnest games /
“He-Man” “Transformers” and “G.I. Joe” / and “go ninja, go ninja, go
ninja, go!” / “Thundercats” where Mumra was the world’s scariest
villian / and we sang along w/ “Ducktales” no matter how we were feelin
/ and when we got older it was “Power Rangers” and “we are VR Troopers
3” / and “Darkwing Duck” and “Rescue Rangers” were the best shows on TV
/ watchin’ Miss Bliss on the old “Saved By The Bell” /
and we thought WWF wrestling was real as hell / i’m talkin bout
Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan, and Macho Man / when Bret “Hitman” Hart
would give out sunglasses to a fan / and all u girls had a My Magic
Diary before you got a beeper / and Tomagotchis, but everyone had the
fake one that was cheaper / girls with your Barbie dolls and EZ Bake /
when u got little toys put on top of your birthday cake / when Bugle
Boy was for cool kids and Stussy was for the thugs / playing with
rolley-polleys and other cool bugs / Legos, puzzles, and Erector Sets /
flying kites and paper jets / watchin’ “Reading Rainbow” and goin’ to
book fairs / watchin slinkys walk down the stairs / when you wanted ur
mom to let you turn the car keys / and remember that crayon color
called “Macaroni and Cheese?” / when
the DARE officer came to tell us not to smoke / and that stupid ass
“orange” knock-knock joke / recess time with handball and butt’s up /
when the best songs were “shoop” and “what’s up what’s
up” / remember gym dances when the sun was still out? / raising
silkworms in shoeboxes… now wat was that about?! / Teddy Ruxpin that
scary ass talking bear / and those British Knights and LA Lights that
seemed to wear / Goosebumps, Roald Dahl, and Judy Blume / Wolfenstein,
Contra, Double Dragon, and Doom / when they could fit 101 video games
into one / Freeze tag, kickball, and Super Soaker guns / And there was
always that one kid without a water gun / so he got the hose but it was
so dumb / ‘cuz everyone jus ran off to another place / and he jus had
to sit there at the safety base / “Choose Your Own Adventure” books
were always the best / and when you couldn’t beat Super Mario 3, that’s
the most u were ever stressed / running through sprinklers and slip ‘n
slides / fighting for the same spot when you’re both tryin’ to hide /
but you always end up jus cramming together / and when all the kids had
paint-splashed sweaters / playin hockey in the middle of the street /
when it was actually fun to trick or treat / All the girls were boy
crazy with JTT / and they all had issues of Tiger Beat / Jump rope
songs could be heard all around / like “Teddy bear, teddy bear touch
the ground” / and “Cinderella dressed in yella” / the “Carmen Sandiego”
theme song sung by Rock-a-Pella / Cabbage Patch Kids, Stretch Armstrong, and Pound Pups /
lunch pails filled with Lunchables and Jell-O cups / Runnin out of the
when u heard the ice cream truck / when u could get so much crap for
just a buck / like bomb bags and Limon which was just basically salt /
Dad’s root beer and chili powder and bottles of Jolt / Raven’s Revenge
was what everyone collected / not even
wanting to play when u were the last one selected / when the Yo-Yo Man
would come to our school / and when we’d play Marco Polo in the pool /
when everyone said “scam” instead of “kiss” / and everyone said
“boo-yuh!” when you missed / when Boyz II Men sang like every song /
and when we said “MOTED!!” if you were proven wrong / and how bout
“SYKE!” after you told a lie / and “I know you are but what am I?” /
Creepy Crawlers where u can eat your own creation / when nobody cared
about being Black or White or Asian / when we’d all be so happy at the
local arcade / and no matter who you were, everyone jus played / no
intolerance or prejudice, racism or hate / no unnecessary worries about
finding a mate / no stressful finals or getting an A / instead of “what
am i gonna do in my future?” we said “what am i gonna do for today?” /
when nobody cared about their height or looks or weight / how whenever
you had school, you were never late / being a superhero in the future
was a valid career choice / and
just through crying and pouting, we always had a voice / when nobody
thought of death ‘cuz it was so far away / and whatever we wanted, we
never had to pay / everyone always says “stop being such a kid” and
“you need to grow up” / but if you really think about it, they’re so
much better off than us…

good luck to everyone with finals….


~ by roychi on March 19, 2004.

8 Responses to “”

  1. AWwww… that was really cute entry…wow reading that made me go back into time… and laugh too cause most of them were soooo true… okay good luck on finals and have a good one..

  2. hahahaha damn! propz to u street poet roy. roald dahl and judy blume =*(  handball and gettin u moted. hahaha omg…aww ur entry made me smile…thanks for the good memories. =) good luck on ur finalz.

  3. =) memories…nice entry… 2 eprops to you

  4. stfu kanGAY west

  5. dose were da dayz

  6. you’r’e freakin awesome roy…brought back allll the memories like vh1’s “i love the 80’s – strikes back!!” have a great spring break, but good luck on finals first!

  7. awwwwww! damn it seems like everyone had the same childhood. gosh that oregon trail game…….i was so sad when i was killed off from drowning on the ferry or when i died from malaria. remember how we used that term “friendship” when ppl were being too easy on each other during handball or tether ball. or how we had to stay in a “frozen” position when the teachers blew the damn whistle to tell us recess was over. and if we got unfrozen, we would get fenced. great entry. something we need during the hellish time of finals. miss u chi-ter!!

  8. dang- were you raised in ghetto ass artesia with me fooL??? i cant hardly believe that we all share such a similar childhood- dang.. life was good back then!!! if you wrote that all your own- then you rock dude!!!!!!! its better then hypnotize with those eyes and thighs–
    5 zillion eprops for you–

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