i know its cliche for me to say that morality is what we need / but i’ve come to realize that it’s a pile of lies what the government seems to feed / and we become blind ‘cuz we don’t mind what they try to do / but if we sit on our ass as all these dumb laws pass then ultimately we’re the ones that lose…

splattered across the newspapers all across the nation / the topic of gay marriages is the controversy we’re facin’ / but what i’m wonderin’ here is why it’s even a subject of discussion / why the fact that it’s illegal was even a damn production / we got the highest lung cancer rates ever recorded / assorted types of diseases caused by the second-hand / and while they’re smokin’ their cigars, government chooses this to ban / but that’s not the point that’s hard to understand / it’s the reasoning they use to keep America the “moral land” / do they not comprehend what our fore-fathers declared? / is it ‘cuz “all men are created equal” just isn’t clear? / or maybe they jus can’t bear to have other nations stare at us / or maybe they jus don’t want the streets littered with fairy dust / i know that this nation was built with a Christian mindset / but even with that argument, you can’t stand behind it / adultery and envy, lust and having another idol / these are not illegal, but they’re sins that are in the Bible / so if there’s such a discord about what’s wrong and what’s right / then why do they always choose to excite and ignite riots / and lie to us, and yet we always seem to buy it / blind to the fact that they jus wanna keep us quiet?

Comin’ from the view of a Christian’s perspective / i jus don’t see how this law is effective / in showin’ non-believers the love in Christianity / actually i think it only shows our pride and vanity / or maybe we should jus make being a non-believer illegal / now tell me why that idea is a stroke of insanity? / if you wanna turn religious beliefs into national laws / i don’t think you understand the consequences you’ll cause / the uproar of rebellion that will only create hate / a separation of peoples that we once tried to escape / but it seems like America will always remain with this fate / our innate desire to separate / but then why don’t we separate church and state? / why do we sit and wait for the decisions of the Chief of State? / no wonder so many people become irate / is it ‘cuz the government’s too afraid that they can’t get it straight? / keep it up Bush, and you’ll take us all the way back to ’58.

isn’t the reason that we have these laws because we need protection? / we create laws so that we move in a safe direction, not so that we can achieve what the government thinks is perfection / don’t we have laws so that we can have a sense of security? / but honestly, a gay married couple doesn’t really put any fear in me / sure, i don’t agree with such a relationship / but i also don’t agree with this subjective “keeping a moral nation” shit / what’s the matter with our dumbass society? / ultimately i hope we can finally see / that back in the 50’s, it was much more different than now / that interracial marriages were not even allowed / and now half a century later, we stand up all proud / glad to be Americans, we scream out all loud / “We’re such a great nation, look how we’ve progressed!” / but in reality, we’re in the exact same mess / and if any damn thing, we’ve actually digressed / so in conclusion, all that i request / is for us to realize how much we’re blessed / to be in a nation that believes in a democracy / but that it’s also a nation that acts in hypocrisy.




~ by roychi on February 24, 2004.

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  1. Roy just wants to marry Ed… haha jk

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