so lemme get this straight. if Chingy, in his new single “Chingy Jackpot” (which is previewed at the end of the video for “One Call Away”), is allowed to say:

Chingy, why yo’ eyes so chinky? / Is it ‘cuz you been smokin’ and drinking?

does that mean that all Chinese people are allowed to say:

Let me figure this / Do my lips look a lil’ n*ggerish? / And is my skin as black as licorice? / Yeah I know I’m Chinese, but Chingy triggered this…

REJOICE! What a step forward for racial equality! Soon, every race will be able to spit out racial slurs about each other to each other, and everyone will live happily ever after in a world of cultural inferiority! Thanks Chingy, you’re really a modern-day Martin Luther King!



~ by roychi on February 5, 2004.

6 Responses to “”

  1. lol …. so true. kudos roy

  2. hi roy! hope your doing okayz~ =)

  3. roYyyy….o boyy.. i should buy u a toyy..beacuse.. ur a boy… uhh.. haha ok just bored take care bruin.. =) bye

  4. HAHAHAHA true true….aww but i kinda like chingy =/

  5. i like chingy too hehe~

  6. hey roy- i like your backpack! muhahaha

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