there are those times in life that i laugh and smile and thank God i’m alive / but as of right now, i’m wondering somehow, why i’m crumbling and cringing inside / and with tears in your eyes, you tell me these lies, that everything is perfectly fine / but i can see your heart, and how it’s falling apart, and it hurts too much to see you cry. i know it’s hard to have someone leave, to not get a chance to say that you care / but trust me when i say, that everytime you pray, she’ll hear you loud and clear. and if you’re scared that she left too soon, that she deserved to live / jus remember that up there, is so much better than here, and it’s the best gift that He can possibly give. and as time goes by, i know you’ll still be hurting even after a while / and if the tears help you get through, please don’t let me stop you, but i know that she would want you to smile.

to friends & family of barbara lee, may u celebrate her life and the loving spirit that she was. with the deepest sympathies, i wish you all the best.


~ by roychi on February 4, 2004.

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