so why do people always tell me to leave voicemail messages? seriously, i don’t see the point in leaving them. ok if i need to reach someone, and i get their outgoing voicemail message, they’re gonna receive the missed call notification anyway. so if they receive the missed call notification, they can jus call back and then i’ll tell them what i needed to tell them. if the person sees your missed call and decides not to return it, then that’s their loss. but if i leave a voicemail message, people usually receive them hours later, and by then, i’ll probably no longer need to tell them what i needed to tell them. or, right after i finish recording my message, the person calls me back — in this situation, i’ll have to repeat the message i just left on the voicemail, and then after our conversation, the person will have to hear my recorded message of exactly what i just told them on the phone. also, when you leave a message, you’re stuck wondering if they even will receive the message or if the message even went through. so if you leave someone a message telling them to meet somewhere at a certain time, you’re gonna have to eventually call them back anyway jus to make sure because you don’t even kno if they got the message in the first place, and you don’t wanna waste your time waiting for someone when they didn’t even receive the message at all. so there really was no point in leaving that voicemail, ‘cuz you’re having to call them back eventually anyway. and if u call back, and they still don’t pick up, then chances are that they didn’t receive your message either (or they jus don’t wanna answer your call, which is another story). and plus, i dunno about you, but i hate having to check my voicemail — having to call it, and then enter your passcode, and then wait for that slow ass automated message to announce the day and time and phone number of the person leaving the message, and then i have to listen to the entire message before i can delete it. and there are times when people accidentally leave messages without knowing that they’re leaving messages, so the message is jus a long ass silence with rustling sounds from the phone moving inside the pocket, or a faint conversation that you can’t even make out, and you’re stuck listening to the message thinking that someone is actually gonna leave a message.

i think the ONLY time in which a voicemail message should be left is when the caller is already prepared to turn off their phone or enter an area in which they know that they can’t get reception. but any other time, cell phone voicemail messages are completely unnecessary and only cause more trouble.



~ by roychi on January 27, 2004.

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  1. im gonna get everyone in the apartment to call you and leave 4363465645096405645 voicemails ahahahah

  2. uhhhh a whoooole entry dedicated to voicemails… this is what you were doing instead when you said you were “studying” huh? yea, the time’s about right…. yea, i dont do the whole vmail thang. *high five* but youre still a dork for writing about it =P

  3. thanks…ill be sure to leave u v mails now roy! =D

  4. sometimes people don’t get a missed call notification if the person is in a place where there is no reception. hehe anyway. i love ya bro! our gigilO. haha~ you’re lucky to have fine ladies around you at all times.

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