so you got a D in that class
and you know you’d have passed
if you had studied jus a little bit more,
so you got arrested cuz you stole
by an undercover patrol
and you hate yourself cuz you’ve never done this before,
so you got wasted and high
or you cheated or lied
or you did something that you fully regret,
you live and you learn
it’s jus that now its your turn
to know that as something you totally accept,
take a glimpse at what you did
examine and forgive
understand what to do for next time,
but be sure to move on
and when the depression is gone
you’ll stand up and then you’ll be fine,
but when you’re in that stage
of sadness and rage
jus know that it will all be ok,
and everything somehow
jus seems to work out
and you’ll live to see another day,
so jus be happy you’re here
and don’t live in fear
or be haunted in shame about your past,
‘cuz it was just a mistake
something everyone makes
jus as long as you make it your last.

good luck on finals. haha.


~ by roychi on December 6, 2003.

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