yesterday i went to go watch Tupac: Resurrection (of course) and it was pretty inspiring to see 2Pac live his life without fear, knowing that his life is only a medium to a cause. i wonder how it would be to live a life where your pain, your suffering, your death is of no importance; that you are here to fulfill a cause — to make a contribution to society.

there’s a really short story that i got from Tuesdays With Morrie (by Mitch Albom) that i thought was pretty thought-provoking:
          There once was a wave in the ocean, who was gently going about his way. As he was floating in the ocean, he started getting closer and closer to a shore. Watching the waves crash onto the shore, he became extremely frightened, and screamed out to the waves around him: “Help! Help! We’re all gonna be killed on that shore!! Help me!!” And at that moment, the wave next to him says: “You are so selfish to scream for help. Don’t forget that you are not a wave, but a part of the ocean.”

I think we’re too caught up in thinking that the purpose of our lives is to get good grades, go to a good college, get a good job, marry a good spouse and have 2.5 kids with a beautiful home, and then die accomplishing a safe and happy lifetime for ourselves and our family. Isn’t it pretty selfish to think that the reason we exist, is so that we could be happy, and see the world, and make a lot of money, and fulfill our own personal dreams? I mean, let’s say you die at the age of 80, and you get a chance to look back on your life. What good did your life do in the world? Even if you always got good grades, got a great spouse, got a great-paying career, your life would still be considered expendable or, to put it in a more straight-forward way, a waste of space. So I dunno if you agree with me or not, but I think that instead of always being so focused on our own happiness and security, we should be more focused on what we could do so that our lives won’t go wasted. ‘Cause if you think about it, we could die next week, tomorrow, or even within the next five minutes… the great career we’re hoping for, the great spouse we’re wishing to marry, the tons of money we’re striving to achieve — it’s ALL NOT GUARANTEED. There’s only one guarantee in our life… and that’s death. So the only questions now are: what do you want to accomplish before you die, and how will that make your existence worth it after you die?

Remember, you can die tomorrow.


~ by roychi on November 16, 2003.

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  1. damn….thats why i told you to start up xanga again. u actually rite meaningful stuff. i guess things like that juss makes u stop and think bout how to make the most of ur life. well i miss my chi-ter, study in the hall till 4am, fainting buddy. i had fun that day. u and jane are the most positive influence ive ever had. im glad to have u as my friend ROY. i mean it.

  2. Roy? Jane? a positive influence? haha thats pretty lol j/k

  3. funny goes in between “pretty” and “lol” …damn im a dumbass

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