my roommate sent me the link to this site: Group Hug which is this confession site where people anonymously share their secrets and confessions. it’s pretty funny, nasty, and interesting — makes you think, what kind of personal secrets do all your friends and family have? what kind of confessions do u have? here’s some examples from the site:

I manipulated many ex-lovers into believing that they were horrible people just to make me feel better about myself and my role in the relationships.

when i was a young kid (but probably old enough to know better), for some unfathomable reason i took a shit on the carpet in the living room. i then told my mom the cat had done it. i’m still horrified to think that i actually did that.

i killed a mouse once by throwing it into a campfire and kicking it back in whenever it tried to run out

during math class, i farted really really loud, and then i quickly turned around to my friend, who sits next to me, and he didnt hear me fart cuz he was listening to his CD player. everyone thought it was him, and when he took off his headphones he had no clue why everyone was laughing. since then (this was like 4 months ago), everyone calls him “Stupid Fart”…he doesnt know why everyone makes fun of him now, and i dont have the heart to tell him cuz no one likes him anymore.

The summer of my 16th birthday, I had sex with one of my mother’s close friends numerous times while she was staying with us temporarily. She was 39 at the time and her husband had just died three months prior. My mother never found out and still doesn’t know that 12 years later (currently) we still are having sex occasionally.

I once urinated all over a bathroom at a hotel party. The soap, toothbrushes, everything. When it was discovered by a girl I was the first to say the person should admit it. They all blamed one of their friends and I thought that was the funniest part. Guilt, hmmmm, no, I still think it is funny 15 years later.

I don’t really like any of my “good friends”. Except one, whom I love to death, but in all honesty gets really annoying.

i masturbate to my own art

I don’t love her, and I don’t think I ever will.

My boyfriend and I love to pop each other’s blackheads.

i’ve lied about something for such a long time that i’m beginning to tell myself it’s actually true. now i’m too worried to have my friends meet my older friends because they might find out i’ve been lying since i met them.

i’m 24 and i’m still a virgin. but all my friends think i’m not because i make up stories about having sex just so that i don’t seem like a loser.

every guy i hook up with ends up getting AIDS. i tested positive for HIV, so i think it was me. sorry guys, but maybe you should think before blaming it all on me. you could have at least used those STD testers on me first, so dont act like its all my fault. but anyways, sorry.

I have a pretty small penis (about 3.5″ erect). I’m always scared when girls want to go down on me, because I’m scared they’re going to laugh and tell their friends.

I hate the person I’ve become. I’m a horrible person that is thrown into society every day, through no want of my own. I am so sick of humanity and constantly fail at being anything I try to be. I destroy everything I touch, and I want it to end. I have horrible social skills, I am a fairly ugly person, inside and out, and I can feel my intellect slipping from my conscious mind with every moment I stay alive. I need a hug.

I really hate my Roomate. I try to be civil and polite, but it’s no use. Somwtimes I fantasize about sinking a knife into his neck. I know I would never do it, but the thought makes me smile.

I pee in the shower everytime I go in, I feel real guilty, as only children are supposed to do it. I also pick my nose and role it up into a ball and flick it on the shower walls.

I don’t actually like sex. I like the idea of it, I like watching it, but I don’t like doing it. It’s awkward and tedious and makes me feel like an alien.

I have lived with my roommate for almost a year and she has never taken the trash out. She just leaves it by the door for me to take out. One day the trash bag had a leak and there was a vile smelling puddle underneath the bag, which made the whole house smell horrible. I took the trash out and cleaned up the puddle with her freshly washed thong underwear. Then I put them back in her drawer.

i was at my aunts house when i was 10 and found her shoulder massager, and proceeded to use it as a vibrator and jizzmed on her couch

One time when i was 13, i was walking around my neighborhood after dark, and i walked past my elementry schools playground, and me and another kid deficated at the bottom of the slide.

I’m not totally in love with my girl friend, not because of her personality, but her appearance. I have this fantasy now to have sex with slim girls because I can’t break it off. But I’m tired of having sex with lard! She just wont get thin!

I was horney one night and I called up the guy I was currently dating. He didn’t call me back so I ended up hooking up with my ex. O well, that’s what he gets for not calling back.

At about 3am in downtown, on my way home from a club, my friend and I came across a passed out bum in a little alley. We were very drunk and thought it’d be amusing to piss all over this guy, so we did. It turned out that he was dead.



~ by roychi on November 11, 2003.

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  1. those lil stories are NOT entertaining… :-/ hehe~ shame on you!

  2. hey~ i wanted to read that book. how is it? eh… i should just ask u on aim… hehehe anywho, some of those stories are funny.. and WEIRD. one of those stories from U huh???

  3. The mouse one is fucking funny!

  4. The mouse one is fucking funny!

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