so today sucked ‘cuz i was studying ALL night for my chinese test and my psych midterm, and got really tired so i decided to take a nap. freakin’ even after 2 people tried waking me up and 3 alarms, i STILL overslept through my chinese test. and so then i got up to go to my psych midterm, and i got a $45 ticket ‘cuz i forgot that its street cleaning today. and so i go to my psych midterm, and like i didn’t even get to finish it ‘cuz it was such a long test and the damn professor doesn’t even give time warnings, and so i was rushing through it so i know i did bad. so yeah i was tripping out today, cuz everythign jus sucked and i was tired and feeling like crap and scared that my chinese professor won’t let me make up the chinese test…

…so i came back to the apt and was sitting outside on my balcony. and so i jus looked up in the sky and i was like: “God, if you’re there, gimme a sign to let me know that everything will be ok.” and then i close my eyes, and when i opened them like 5 seconds later, there was a freakin rainbow right there in the sky. and it wasn’t there before, ‘cuz i was jus looking at the sky. so i was like what the?! freakin trippy. so then i felt better. before i always had a lil’ bit of doubt… but damn… God is there. and now i kno i for sure.


~ by roychi on October 23, 2003.

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  1. aww… rainbows are pretty =)

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