here’s sum random pictures, since finals suck:

uhhh… you koreans have some weird ass ads.

oh giyeah. my present girlfriend. (sorry J.Lo you have been temporarily replaced by K.Hu)

john lin in his natural sleeping position…

from danica’s wedding… sum of u guys haven’t seen her in her wedding dress yet.

sorry guys… so sorry. (hahah audrey, i had to post this up. forgive me. =P)

he… looks unconscious… but is he really?


agnes is butt-naked, just as God intended it.

puff the magic viet. haha jo’s dope =).

freakin hardcore.

i look a lil’ too happy here.


dennis in his favorite spandex nightwear.

stephen tryin to be a troll doll.


some dreams are more real than they seem.

good times.



~ by roychi on June 9, 2003.

6 Responses to “”

  1. Gahahahah Stephen is soooooo gay in that last pose

  2. Gahahahah Stephen is soooooo gay in that last pose

  3. LOL!!! You seem as crazy as me so I loooove your blog!!! Good continuation!Kisssss

  4. you kids are crazay~

  5. haha greeeaaat…. thanx mucho for posting that picture of me roy =/ you bastard.. jk i dont care.. i look sexy in any and every pic muahahhahaa eye rub ewe

  6. LOL….you guys have such hilarious pictures…thing to note: they’re not digitally edited either…lol. such comedy! hope your summer is going well…i bet we’ll see each other…another drinking night =P

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