i hate work.

i want my parents’ credit card like the good old days.

what the hell happened to mama A.Chi.M?

i seriously hate work.


~ by roychi on June 6, 2003.

3 Responses to “”

  1. dude…mama A.Chi.M is one hot mother

  2. ok roy too bad mama A.CHI.M is the most widely used banking system in the spoiled town, population, YOU. And you should appreciate having a job, look at stephen his broke ass is still lookin for one, and you take 2 seconds and get a 9/hr job.  How unjust is that? tisk tisk roy, when will you realize how lucky and fortunate you are while others have to work to pay for school, rent, food, clothes, and all that expensive ish… you should love work mutha sucka…. hahahah that’s a funny word

  3. yeah…. what eddie said…. and yeah i guess what jason said too.

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