here’s sum pics from dormal

jason & jane:

diana & stephen:

stanley & michelle:

me & jen:

carlin & nick:

we went to yamashiro’s — so here’s a sampling of our food.
this here costed $20.50:

the guys:

the girls:

haha teresa looks so happy:

me & jane:

stanley, stephen, me, jason:

me & michelle:

introducing the reigning P.O.B. king & queen:

…ok that’s about it…


~ by roychi on May 17, 2003.

9 Responses to “”

  1. awww…those are really cute pictures. dormals, funnn!

  2. oh my… great minds think alike ay? ;D

  3. aw it looks fun!

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! roy this is teresa. HAHAHAHA~ o my… that is SUCH an attractive picture of me… =/ hahaha~ it was good seein ya there~ wish i coulda played after~ :0)

  5. hahaha you’re gay roy, too bad i was wide awake the whole time and you guys just took the picture right when i blinked.  As for michelle, yeah she was passed the F*** out. she’s weak sauce haha.  but ANYWAYS i would appreciate it if you don’t put any slanderous pictures of me and make up some lie haha.  OUTY 5000.

  6. nice-uh. BTW who’s ever camera was taking those picutres is always out of focus.

  7. hahahhaaaa stephen, you look like a lost, ten year old child. .Nick, you look like u were born and raised in japan.. Roy ,you look reeally be honest..i’m a little offended. I feel like you are throwing that DD victoria secret bra i got u for christmas back in my face.

  8. wsup roy….lol nice pics!! =D

  9. hey wussup man… just wanna say wususp and cool pix… aight hit me back up aight… gone

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