i guess what they say is true: for every bad, there’s a good…

‘cuz yeah, the Lakers pathetically lost to the Spurs, destroying our chances of a 4Peat (i still blame the series loss all on Horry — missed 25 shots in a row in the playoffs… how the #$&% do you miss 25 shots in a row as a professional basketball player on the best NBA team as one of the starting five players?!). I missed 3 quizzes this week (2 of which were crucial to my grade), haven’t been to the past 6 math lectures so I’m pretty much screwed for the upcoming midterm, and I still haven’t started on my 6-8 page English paper that was due last week.

So yeah, I thought things were all gonna go downhill from here.

But then, i got a job. And then, I randomly found a parking pass on the ground of the parking lot… i think either someone accidentally dropped it, or something’s wrong with it (i’m hoping that it’s not the latter, but whatevers). So that means I’m gonna be able to bring my car for the next 4 weeks!! niiiiice.

Maybe things aren’t so bad after all…


~ by roychi on May 16, 2003.

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  1. nice to see you have your priorities straight hahe

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