reason why i’m sad:


horry fails to hit an OPEN three-pointer, leading to a 2 point loss for the lakers against the spurs in game 5. can’t be mad tho ‘cuz horry has saved us many a times (remember game 4 of the finals against the kings last year?). but damn… we went from a 25 point deficit to a 1 point deficit in the 4th quarter. we deserved to win.

anybody else feel me?


~ by roychi on May 14, 2003.

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  1. although i was not able to watch the game due to some lame ass class tonight, i was updated by lee on what happened. not seeing it, but hearing about it makes my heart ache…i think i would have died if i saw the game. but i still have faith in the lakers, yea? had a very fun time chillin with you upland guys this weekend, on a side note! c ya!

  2. dude…we didn’t play the sixers in the finals last year, we swept the nets last year foo

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