So it all started when i joined 2by2 part 2. I know I’m freakin dumb for joining it — not ‘cuz you can’t make money from it, but i’m dumb ‘cuz after i lost money from 2by2, i still fell for it all again. I’m not gonna say the name of the business ‘cuz some of my friends are in it and they are making money, and I’m not gonna go into details about the company — but I’m just gonna go straight into the scandal. So I agreed to become a member, and there’s a crazy fee of $398, but of course I’m stupid enough to fall for it. I don’t even know why i agreed ‘cuz the representative is this Chinese guy who seriously SUCKS at being a salesman (his tactic for convincing me not to leave is to coax me with a whimpering voice… wtf kind of business procedure is that ish?!) But anyway… after I joined, that night i was having some massive doubts and I realized that I could have possibly made one of the dumbest decisions in my life. But it was too late and I had already paid, and so I was kinda bummed out. HOWEVER, the very next day, that Chinese representative called me and said that the credit card number that i gave him didn’t go through, and asked me to check it out. So i call the credit card company, and i find out that i only had $380 of available credit — just $18 shy of maxing out my credit card (hallelujah). And so i took this as a crazy sign that i shouldn’t do this business, and so i called him back and gave him an excuse ‘cuz I didn’t wanna sound like a bastard for changing my mind last minute. So i tell him that the credit card is my parents’ and that i would have to consult with them first before I make any decisions (which is 100% true). Immediately, he says: “No! Don’t tell your parents!! Y’know, don’t worry about the money, just don’t tell your parents about it. They won’t understand” and gettin’ all scared and crap — so at that moment, i KNEW that something SHADY was going on. So I tell him that i didn’t wanna do it anymore, and that little snake-ass trick threatens me by saying: “well i’m gonna charge you anyway, and it’s gonna be charged, so you might as well come and work for your money back.” WTF?! What kind of scandalous ish is that? So i say: “go ahead, try me” and i hung up. (but of course, i was scared as a mutha) So I immediately called the credit card company and told them that my card was stolen and that I wanted to put it on hold until further notice. Later on that night, I realized that the little bastard had my social security number, credit card number, and home address — so I decided to call the credit card company to cancel my card. As I was talkin to the lady, she said: “whoa… good thing you put your card on hold. it says here that you have attempted charges of $398, $380, $350, and $290 all from the same company — but none of them went through because it was on hold.” WHAT KIND OF CORRUPTED, UNETHICAL CRAP IS THAT?! that fool was trying like every amount to see what my credit limit was, so that he could just take my money. After that, i wrote this long ass letter to the Better Business Bureau, and i called the company to file a complaint. I don’t think that’s gonna do anything, but at least it made me feel a lil’ better. Now that’s the second time this month that I was scammed by Chinese people…

so the moral of the story is: if you’re introduced to an investment opportunity, and the salesman doesn’t allow you to take ONE day to research the company and ask people about it, then it’s SHADY. any business in which the only way to make money is through recruiting your friends, is SHADY. a good business opportunity should sell ITSELF — so researching the background of the company and asking people you trust will only HELP your decision. If the salesman is scared of you researching or asking people about the company, then that means he’s got something to hide. Oh yeah, and don’t trust anymore Chinese people (except me, of course).


~ by roychi on April 24, 2003.

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  1. Damn Chinese People… hahhaah jk.. but that sucks roy… seriously that guy is scandolous… seriously i hope you learned your lesson..

  2. propz dood for saving yourself


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